The 5 Largest Statues Ever Made

Questioning the average U.S. citizen as to the largest statue in the world is likely to elicit an answer that includes the Statue of Liberty, The Presidential Monument at Mt. Rushmore, or the statue of Jesus residing in Costa Rica. Each of these answers falls monumentally short of the largest statues ever constructed.

Americans may think big when it comes to finance and industry, but they fall pathetically short when it comes to constructing statues to honor religion or national values. The tradition of building large monuments in honor of our gods stretches back into ancient history. The Egyptian’s mysterious Sphinx once towered over all the known monuments of the world, but as technology allows for ever grander construction projects, society will continue to attempt to top its previous efforts.

China's Multi-Faced Wonder

China's Hainan Island is home to Guan Yin. This historically famous bodhisattva was a religious leader that is honored with this 354 foot tall statue situated on the water just off the island's coast. It is meant to be viewed from several different angles. One side is constructed specifically for viewing from the island's mainland while the other two are constructed with the South China sea orientation in mind. The project took seven years to complete.

Christ Watches Over Us

The Christ as Redeemer statue that infamously guards Rio de Janeiro provides the inspiration for a much larger version known as the Cristo-Rei in the city of Lisbon. The statue itself is roughly the same size as its counterpart, however, it escalates in height by sitting on top of 209 foot tall base. This statue was inaugurated in 1959 from its observation deck which provides panoramic views of the city that it watches over. The entire project took 10 years to complete.

Beauty in Bronze

Japan constructed the world's third largest statue in the image of Amitabha Buddha, sometimes referred to as Ushiku Daibutsu or Ushiku Arcadia. At 394 feet high, including its base and lotus platform, this project came to completion in 1995. Visitors are welcomed to the monumental structure by an observation deck and meditative gardens at its base. The entire form is completely plated in Bronze.

A Stunning Pair

Laykyun Setkyar is unique in that it features both an upright figure and a reclining figure. The standing figure reaches 426 feet into the air. The pair is situated on the top of the Po Kaung Hills in the heart of Myanmar. The project was completed in two different sections. The standing statue was completed in 2008 while the reclining Buddha was completed 17 years earlier in 1991.

Grand Reconstruction

The Spring Temple Buddha in Zhaocun, China claims the number one prize by rising 502 feet into the air. The measurements include its 66 foot lotus situated atop the 82 foot building at the base. Completed in 2008, this image depicts the Vairocana Buddha. The construction was only put underway after the original statue, the Bamiyan Buddha, was destroyed at the hands of the Taliban from Afghanistan.

A brief comparison reveals the grandeur of the project completed at the Spring Temple. This monument is 371 feet taller than Christ the Redeemer, 207 feet taller than the Motherland Calls monument, and 192 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.

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