Six Apps For People Who Love To Dance

If you love to dance, and you can’t get the rhythm out of your head, then you’ll want to carry some dance-related entertainment with you wherever you go. Here are six great apps for people who love to dance, which you can download to your iPhone or iPad and access anytime. Enjoy!

Dance Top 100

Dance Top 100 is an awesome app that lets you instantly check out the Top 100 charts for Dance songs in 23 different countries. You can browse and check out all the hottest dance tracks, save your favorites, and download them directly from the iTunes store. Dance Top 100 also integrates with so that you can read artist bios, see photos and album covers, and more. This is a must-have app for dance lovers who like to be up on the latest trends.

Tiny Nightclub

Tiny Nightclub is a simulation game that lets you play out your fantasies of owning and operating the hottest nightclub around. Tiny Nightclub is similar to The Sims, but it’s focus is on the nightlife. With Tiny Nightclub, you can use your love of dance to keep your nightclub patrons happy. It’s a fun and addicting way to waste some free time when you’re not on the dance floor.

The Harlem Shake

You simply cannot ignore the latest dance craze that’s been sweeping YouTube - the Harlem Shake. Harlem Shake videos are fun, energetic, and very entertaining. They generally follow the same formula of a slow beginning that suddenly cuts to a wild scene with plenty of shaking. The Harlem Shake apps makes it easy for you to create your own Harlem Shake videos. After you record both parts, the app will splice them together to make the “perfect” Harlem Shake video, which you can then upload and share online.

Bongos - Dynamic Bongo Drums

This app is excellent for anyone who loves to create music or to dance. With this app, you can create your own beats with the bongos, which are professionally-recorded with real bongo drum sounds. You can play along with other music, and you can also play the cowbell and sticks for more percussion options. If you like to create your own beats to dance to, get this app.


Learn Bollywood Dance

If you’re a dancer who is always looking to expand your skills and try new dance styles, why not get the Learn Bollywood Dance app? This app provides instructional videos on how to dance Bollywood-style, and it also has workout routines that incorporate the dance moves for excellent cardio exercise. There are more than 35 videos that you can stream or download to watch later.

Dance Just Like Me 

The Dance Just Like Me app features instructional videos starring some of the best professional dancers in the world. Dance Just Like Me gives lessons on swing dance, salsa, line dance, hip-hop, and much, much more. It’s a great way to learn some new moves.

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