Your Life Isn't Complete Without These Gadgets

There is always some gadget that catches your eye and something you feel you can’t live without. If you are looking for the greatest electronic gadgets on the market or an item that will make your life easier finding the perfect gadget, whatever it is, is essential.
Technology makes gadgets that will guarantee to make your life more efficient. There are thousands of new gadgets that come into the marketplace and beg us to spend money. What will make your life complete?

Pepper Spray

This is not the top gadget, but after going to a show about self-defense you realize that you can solve all your nervous times by buying pepper spray. These gadgets are small enough to fit on your key chain. Do make sure you check with the police department about the legal use of pepper spray. Take a self-defense class to learn how to use pepper spray in the event of an assault. This is not a frivolous gadget, but a necessary one.


Just about everyone has a cell phone. If you don’t have one you are either too old, too technology challenged or just not interested in keeping in constant contact. You must have the latest and greatest in smartphone technology to keep in touch with Facebook, Pinterest, sports scores, and the Internet.
Without a cell phone you will lose your way since GPS apps are highly popular on smartphones. If you are going to be late for an appointment you need a mobile phone, and if you are trying to check your bank balance don’t forget that you can do that with a cell phone. Your life is not complete without a smartphone.


Failing eyesight that even glasses or contacts can’t help will have you purchasing a magnifier. Dozens of magnifiers exist and can be found in your pharmacy or the jewelry section of your clothing store. Use a jeweler’s visor for doing needlepoint or paying bills. You can wear magnifiers like a visor and flip the magnifier down over your glasses or eyes when you need a little boost of sight.


Digital Video Recorder with TiVo is one of the most popular gadgets you can get. These devices allow you to record live TV and watch it at a different time. They are not video tapes but are hard drives and capable of storing huge amounts of programming.
You can take out the commercials and simply watch an entire two hour movie in about anhour and a half. TiVo or DVR is a gadget that everyone should have and learn to use

Kitchen Timers

Go to your local kitchen store buy a kitchen timers to match your personality or decor. If you have been putting off a task, set your kitchen timer and get cracking. You will find that if you have a kitchen timer you will get many projects accomplished.
Motivate your children with a kitchen timer. Start you exercise routines and set a time for reading and doing entertaining tasks. Just use your imagination and purchase a kitchen timer to keep your life on track.

Author Bio:
Orlando Gomes is a freelance tech writer who specializes in reviewing tablet pcs, and home gadgets for everyday use.
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