Why Blogs are Critical for SEO

There are people that believe that blogging has no real role to play anymore, largely because of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. The correct response to this belief is to admit that blogging itself has a much less important role to play now, but that the constant creation of educational content, such as information regarding a computer and information science degree, that can easily be found and indexed by the search engines, have never been more significant. It is extremely important to create content that:

- Can easily be shared.
- Will attract links.
- Creates an archival and searchable body of work about specific subjects.
- Google will never see as inorganic.

Blogging is not seen as a tool, trend or behavior, but it still remains the one most significant marketing component of a brand’s online presence. It is simply impossible to build any type of online business without the use of a blog.

A Blog Is the Most Stable Form of SEO

The SEO community is well aware of Google’s efforts to keep them on their toes. With the regular adjustments that Google make to the way that they rank websites and the manner in which Google often penalize certain practices; have caused the creation of high quality content to become more critical. High quality, original content that is frequently shared via blogs and that is education based, keyword rich, updated consistently, highly linked and properly formatted is generally not penalized by the search engines.

Blogs Create a Hub for All Social Media

To make use of blogs to provide useful information about something like a computer and information science degree, which address questions, problems and challenges, is the best way to build lasting business relationships with customers through various social channels. Additionally, it is a great way to attract traffic and links. Social networks are often the greatest source for traffic to any blog.

Blogs are Used to Build Email Lists

One of the main actions required to ensure an effective online presence is to capture leads. To accomplish this, it is imperative to provide valuable content to readers and blog visitors. People are willing to share their contact information if they know that they will receive content that is practical and of value to them. They will have no problem with subscribing to a blog’s posts or getting hold of an eBook that consists of a compilation of various posts that relate to a topic that interests them. 

Drive a Point of View with Blogs

Sharing a truly valuable and consistent point of view through a blog that will attract followers over time is something that can make an actual difference in business. People that approach blogging in the same manner as publishers do, by creating an entire body of themed content, will stand a great chance of building a status as an expert in their preferred niche. Blogging can be used to build an incredibly striking brand message through focusing on creating content with reference to key concepts. 

A Blog Creates Other Opportunities As Well

People that force them to create content frequently enable them to constantly think about the different ways in which they may be able to use their entire body of work. Four blogs could easily be turned into a feature article, for instance, while ten posts on any related topic could make an eBook at the end. Any wide-ranging point of view that is expressed through blog posts can make an incredible video or presentation. The need for creating a workshop may easily produce five substantial blog posts. When answering the most frequently asked questions that a business receives through blog posts will create constructive content, which automatically builds an extensive FAQ section.

Those people who do not want to hear about blogs anymore and who think that blogging is a dying trend, they can keep on believing that blogs have no significant role to play anymore. Because, those who keep on sharing and producing high quality, helpful content that can be indexed, subscribed to and that are searchable, will find that it truly improves online business success.
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