Redefine your driving experience with Hyundai Verna

Have you been looking for a car that defines luxury, style and power? If yes, then you must give Hyundai Verna a look. Awarded by CNBC TV18, Hyundai Verna is a symbol of your success. Hyundai comes with a long list of attributes that are available on an assortment of variants. Verna offers its customers an opportunity to personalize and customize their vehicle by adding different features. The car has innovative design philosophy and looks elegant. Certainly it is one of the best cars for individuals that fall in middle income segment.


Hyundai has launched some of its new finest models that are slightly revised of its earlier models. The elegant interiors coupled with perforated leather upholstery and dual toned dashboard re-define your driving experience. The car has sufficient legroom both at its rear and front with tremendous head space. ABS, six air bags from passengers and seat driver, rear and front seat belts together with the adjustable steering wheel are installed for your safety. For your and your family’s entertainment, Hyundai Verna has 2 tweeters audio system and two din stereo that is fitted with 4 speakers.
Some additional features of Hyundai Verna include – chrome front grille, LED turn indicators, door black out tapes, power windows, blue interior illumination, air conditioner and the list is endless. With an ergonomic sitting style that is added in the car, the individual driving Hyundai Verna is certainly going to take pleasure of each moment of his journey.


Hyundai has sporty exterior with front hexagonal grille and 2 tone headlamps. With its impeccable attributes and elegant aerodynamics, this car has been extremely successful in gathering large sales volume. Though Hyundai is loaded with innumerable features which are innovative in safety and technology, it has some additional features which are simply matchless.

Engine Performance

Hyundai Verna comes in four engine options of two diesel power and two petrol trains. The full capacity 1.4L Gamma petrol engine is capable of generating top power of nearly 107bhp together with fetching high torque. Besides, the car is considered to give incredible fuel efficiency and excellent mileage. It has unmatched pick-up with manual and automatic power.
This incredibly designed Verna adorned with exquisite, classy and comfortable interior and sporty exterior can be bought to your home very easily as it is economically priced. You have a range of versions of Hyundai Verna of which Fluidic 1.4 VTVT and Fluid 1.6 VTVT EX are popular.

As per leading car review magazines Hyundai Verna has become one of well-liked cars worldwide by the individuals who belong to middle income segment. For Hyundai Verna, new possibilities means to come up with a car that is loaded with forward thinking ideas and solutions. Hyundai Verna makes sure that they deliver one such finest product that is a perfect blend of safety, luxury and eco-friendliness. Packed with elegance, safety and hi-tech features, Hyundai Verna is a must buy car for the ones who wish redefining their driving experience, making it pleasurable. 

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