Hobbies Of Some Of The Most Successful Tech Geeks

Technology has revolutionized the world in which we live today. We have so many gadgets that make our lives easier, saves us time and causes us to be a lot more efficient. Have you ever wondered about the masterminds behind these inventions? Whether their interests spread beyond just what they have created (and may continue to create?)
Courtesy mostly to their own inventions, there is very little that we do not know already about these “Tech Geeks”. Let’s have a look at the hobbies (previous and current) of the most famous Technology Geniuses around. 

Most people know him as the guy behind one of the most successful companies in the world, Apple. His inventions such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod, have revolutionised the world of Technology. However, he is also the owner of Pixar, a highly successful animation studio that have produced films such as The Incredibles, and all the Toy Story films. His hobbies include listening to music. Described by himself as an audiophile, he spent $100 000 on a stereo system he made himself. Rest in Peace Steve.

He is the founder and CEO of Facebook, an internet networking site that made him the youngest billionaire on the entire planet. From a young age, Mark Zuckerberg’s hobbies included programming and creating games and music players that use artificial intelligence to understand tastes (of people) in music.Today, his hobbies also include dominating the internet space like no one else.

At the age of 13, Bill Gates already started programming. As a result, this Harvard dropout revolutionized the computer world his software, Microsoft (first called Micro-Soft).  His hobbies include reading The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Business Weekly, from cover to cover. 

This world leading dot com entrepreneur is the founder and owner of the e-commerce giant, Amazon.com. Following its success, Jeff Bezos can fulfill his lifelong interest in space travel.

At the age of six, Larry Page started playing around with computers and other things found all around him. His interest led him to become a co-founder of the biggest search engine, Google. Today, his hobbies include making Google websites.

Well, its nice to see they at least had some normal hobbies when they were younger (or not)! They are true inspirations though, especially to those young “tech geeks’’ out there who have hopes and dreams of inventing “the next best thing”. 

Author Bio:
Leandre de Bruyn is working at the 
Pretoria recruitment branch of one of the biggest recruitment companies in South Africa.

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