How The Best Brands Got Their Names

If you are running your own business you will be only too aware of how important it is to have a catchy brand name and a cool logo. Did it take you some time and a ton of brainstorming to come up with your own choices? Think about the truly massive brand names out there, did you ever wonder how on earth they ended up with their lucky choices? Here we look at the biggest brand names and how they were devised.

Seven Eleven

One of the most recognizable retail and fast food outlets in the world. Seven eleven have been in existence since 1927. Originally an American chain outlet that sold milk, eggs and bread from one of Southland Ice Company’s store fronts. Nowadays the chain giant is established in sixteen countries worldwide. The actual name was a result of the original company, Tote’m Stores, changing their opening hours to 7am until 11pm.


The German based athletic giants were founded in nineteen twenty four and were known as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. As catchy as this name may seem, the company split twenty years later and a new name was required for the offshoot business. The acronym ‘All Day I Dream’ was the reason for the new brand name. Adidas are now the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.


Without a doubt, the most famous of all soft drinks on the planet. Coca-Cola has been with us for over one hundred bubble filled years. It was originally intended as a medicine by its inventor, john Pemberton. The brand name came about by combining its two main ingredients:

- Coca – from the cocaine plant – where the leaves came from.
- Cola – From the plant that provided the flavor.

Sony Walkman

The Sony Walkman changed the way in which the public listened to music. It enabled them to continue listening long after they had left home or their favorite diner. The name itself was more of a suggestion than a brand name, but it shows that there is more to a brand’s success than the name.


Surely a name that every household in the modern world will have heard of in some form. The computer giant was founded in 1974 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. The name Microsoft came from a shortened form of Microcomputer Software, quite unremarkable really.


The mobile phone communication giant is based in Finland and was formed back in 1865! These days the company is based in Finland and has nearly one hundred thousand employees.  The brand name was simply the name of the town, Nokia, where the original paper mill company was founded.

Mercedes Benz 

The German Quality car making giant has been doing its thing since 1886. It currently employs workers in over forty countries worldwide. Its name is synonymous with reliability and class. The brand name was simply the surname of the founder, Karl Benz, and the name of his first daughter – Mercedes.

Author Bio:
Dennis Atkinson is the owner of a Corporate stationery. He regularly follows the business world and has healthy knowledge on some of the best brands.

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