Best Apps For Pet Owners

There are apps for everything these days...including your pets. Now, by this, we don't mean those virtual pet games that can be dangerously addictive. We mean apps to help you, the pet owner, care for your animal better. While these apps will help you with taking care of your pet, you should definitely consider investing in a quality pet insurance, like Bivvy.

Pet First Aid
Pet First Aid is a good one. If your pet (dog or cat right now) is sick, you can look up their symptoms and it will help you determine whether you need to take them to the vet or find a home remedy to make them better. It also stores your pet's medical records and works even without cell phone coverage. Pet First Aid costs $3.99 and is worth it for any loving pet owner.

If you are a dog lover, you might want to get your paws on iDogBook (free), which is an excellent database of dog breeds and their important traits. Cat owners, on the other hand, can acquire Cats of the World for the same purposes. There are a number of other free dog and cat breed directory apps.

iKibble is for dog owners, and is very useful. Not only does it tell you which pet food ingredients are good and bad for your dog it also gives information on which human foods can be safely fed to Fido. It's another free app and it can help ensure your pet stays healthy and alive.

DogFacts & CatFacts
If you're just looking for random information, you can get DogFacts or CatFacts - interesting trivia, news, and factoids about dogs and cats. These apps are also free. In fact, many of the most useful apps for pet owners cost absolutely nothing.

Pet Care Services
Another one for dog owners is Pet Care Services, which is currently listed as free for a limited time. If you are moving, traveling, or just got your first dog, Pet Care Services will help, you find everything you need. It covers things like dog parks, off leash areas, boarding kennels and, of course, the best vets. Fido Factor goes one step further and also lets you know which cafes and businesses are dog friendly, which is particularly useful if taking your dog on vacation or that great American road trip. It is also free.

Clicker Training App
Ever hear of clicker training? The Clicker Training app turns your phone into a clicker and also provides a ton of training tips and techniques. Clicker training isn't just for dogs - it also works well with horses, birds, and even cats. It's $0.99 for the full version, with a "lite" version available for free.

There are a lot of useful apps for pet owners out there, but those listed above are some of the best and handiest to have around.

Author Bio:
Jason Kane is a mobile application developer and avid tech blogger. Jason writes for SOASTA, an application performance testing service. 

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