5 Useful Machines For Your Office

The cloud. The mobile workforce. Telecommuting. The new buzz words in the business world tend to make us believe the traditional office no longer exists. In reality, though, we still do business very much the same way and require most of the same office machines we have for the past few decades like copiers, postage machines and paper shredders.

When you set up your new office, here are the top five most useful machines that still get the job done, even after all these years.

1. Computers
No matter how tech illiterate you are, a computer is a must in today's business environment. So much business happens online, through email and increasingly through social media that a computer serves as your connection to the marketplace. It's also necessary for basic applications like word processing, presentations and spreadsheets.

2. Copiers
Today's copiers do more and are much easier to use than copiers of old including scanning, printing and emailing. It has remained a mainstay of offices because of it's functionality and versatility. Need to share something with a coworker fast? Make a copy. Materials for a meeting? To the copier!

3. Fax Machines
Yes, even in this age of email, people still use fax machines. Why? Well, many reasons. Some larger corporations have secure fax machines, but not secure emails, where you can send confidential information. Other times, you may not have a digital version of something you need to share.

4. Shredders
A paper shredder has become a key office machine in the modern age, particularly as identity theft has grown. Businesses should invest in high quality shredders to properly dispose of sensitive information like client's personal information, sensitive health information and other documents not meant for public consumption.

5. Postage Machines
The U.S. postal service might eliminate Saturday service but a great deal of mail still circulates every day including a lot of business correspondence. Contracts, invoices, direct marketing — these all travel through the traditional postal service to arrive at their intended destination. A postage machine makes the process much easier and far more economical for businesses, especially those with high volumes of mail.

Even if you telecommute or do most of your business in the cloud, sometimes we have to come back down to Earth and plant our feet in an actual office. In these cases, you need to have your trusted office machines to back you up and help you get your work done.

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