Top Five Surveillance Cameras

We have a list of five of the best quality and the cost effective surveillance cameras available on the market.

Number 1: Wireless 2.4 GHz Colour CCTV Infrared IR Camera with Audio and Receiver

This compact security camera has infrared night vision of up to 10 meters and is fully waterproof so it is therefore suitable for outdoor use. It is lightweight and has 50m unobstructed wireless range. It has adjustable focus with 380TV lines sharp picture display. It is easy to install on either wall or ceiling mounts. The transmission is at 30 frames per second and it can be connected directly to a TV, VCR, DVR or a PC with a video input. This would work well as both a temporary or permanent security camera.

Number 2: Wireless Colour Pinhole Camera just 2x2x2cm, connect to PC by USB

This wireless pinhole camera has up to a 50m wireless range with a tiny camera that measures just 2x2x2cm and includes software to record to your PC compatible with windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000. This kit includes an audio microphone and a 380TV a specially coated lens for sharper, clearer images and colour video images. This camera has an easy and reliable connection with easy installation and simplicity in use. This will send an email as soon as any motion is detected. It also has an adjustable focus and fine tuning control make this little camera easy to use with very clear pictures.

Number 3: Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision
This tiny camera is as small as a match box so it can fit into a bird box (Measures 4cm x 2.7 cm x 3.5cm, fitting perfectly inside a small bird box). It is a popular camera with gardeners and bird lovers. Although it is small it has a wide angle for maximum view or 2.8mm/110 degree. This camera is easy to set up and it has a wireless audio and colour video images to your TV.  6 night vision LED's so the camera works in the dark perfect for watching the birds at the same time.

Number 4: 720P HD in Car 2 Camera Video Recorder- Perfect Dashboard Camera

This fantastic in car video recorder makes an ideal Dashcam when you are in high speed pursuit of a target. It records crisp and clear detailed 720p HD video and this kit includes a second mini camera, perfect for reversing. The camera easily mounts onto the top of the dash (a bit like a sat nav) and it can also operate with a G meter trigger which will record during any accidents. When it is in picture-in-picture mode it allows easy display from both cameras

Number 5: Digital Video Recorders

At the heart of every modern surveillance job a DVR is responsible for recording the action and information from it. When purchasing any HD DVR for this use it is important take into account the quality of the footage from the DVR recorder captures. DVR recorders can be used with other equipment to produce a selection of photographs and video footage.

Private detective Charlie Hodgson has been involved in carrying out surveillance operations for many years. In this time he has tested out the best and the worst in surveillance cameras, along with other spy equipment, and he has had his fair share of success and failures. You can read more information like this at

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