How Technology Is Changing The Way We Complain

How Technology is Changing the Way We Complain!

The relationship between business owners and consumers is a delicate one. On the one hand, the business owner needs to make money, but on the other hand, the consumer needs to be pleased. Unfortunately, this delicate balance can often be broken when a consumer doesn't get his or her way. Such situations can then lead to customer complaints, but unfortunately, complaining to an employee of the company alone isn't always enough to remedy the problem. If you've found yourself dissatisfied with an experience with a business, here are five things you can do to make things right:

1. Talk to Management
As mentioned, complaining to a store employee is often not enough, so your first step should be to take your issue up with a manager. When doing this, try to be polite, but always be firm. Remember, businesses are in business to make money, and as such, managers are tasked with trying to talk customers out of complaints that involve finances, such as refunds.

2. Write a Letter
If your concern is not addressed to your satisfaction by a manager, you should then write a letter to the company's headquarters. While it may be easier and faster to write an email, it's suggested that you write an actual letter and mail it. Writing a letter takes time and effort, and by mailing one in, the company is more likely to see that you're serious about your concern.

3. Use Review Sites
If you're still unable to gain satisfaction, you may need to turn to the Internet for help. Sites such as allow you to sign up for product and service reviews and discuss your experiences with the offending company. In many cases, companies monitor such sites and respond directly to customers who have had negative experiences. Remember to be honest and objective if you take this step. Lying or even exaggerating can lead to a defamation lawsuit against you.

4. Use Social Networking
You can also turn to social networking to voice your concerns. Offering a review that can be shared on a social networking site is a great way to spread your complaint far and wide, and if your complaint gains enough traction, it may be shared with millions of people. As a result, many businesses are quick to remedy negative experiences that appear on social networking sites so that the complaints don't spread.

5. Contact a Complaint Resolution Firm
Finally, you might also consider contacting a complaint resolution firm. These firms function as third-party mediators that can work with both you and the offending company to reach a satisfactory conclusion for all involved.

As a consumer, it's also important for you to keep documentation of all interactions relating to your complaint. This means that you should be documenting the initial incident that sparked the complaint along with all of your attempts to make things right. If you are offered anything from a company in relation to your complaint, always ask for it in writing so that you can have a record. Additionally, make note of all dates and times when you made phone calls and sent letters. This documentation may come in handy in the future as you reach higher into the company's chain of command.

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Nickey Williams is a homeschooling parent of two with a passion for writing about conflict resolution. Although complaints are common when having to deal with human error and many other variables there are proper ways to deal with them. When experiencing challenges that are seemingly creating road blocks, go to for help in resolving the issues.

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