Top 3 Apps for Finding a Restaurant While Travelling

When wondering around an unfamiliar place, the last thing on your mind is usually ascertaining the quality of local restaurants. Travelling can be a real logistical nightmare, and in between remembering tickets and packing a suitcase many people forget to think about where they will eat when they get there. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination, tired and hungry, not knowing where to go for a decent bite to eat.
While in many places it is easy enough to find a familiar chain restaurant, sticking with what you know is both boring and also not great value for money. Luckily if you have a smartphone to hand it should be incredibly easy not only to find nearby restaurants but also to judge how good they are based on customer reviews.

1. Urbanspoon

Urbanspoon is one of the best known restaurant finding apps because of its unique interface. Styled liked a slot-machine, Urbanspoon allows people to shake their phone and be given a random choice based on several chosen parameters like price or type of food.
Urbanspoon also allows you to make reservations straight from the app and also to view ratings not just by customers but also by more official sources like newspapers. It’s a great all-around app for finding restaurants and there is little it cannot do.

2. Zagat to Go

Zagat guides started as premium purchasable guides on the best restaurants all over the world, but since being purchased by Google Zagat has gone digital. It is heavily incorporated into Google Places, meaning it is very easy to look up Zagat scores both online and via their neat app.
Zagat is especially useful for those who dislike user reviews and would rather leave food critique to the professionals. By rating a restaurant on different parameters and having a universal methodology to their scoring, it makes it easier to compare the quality of different restaurants. It also has a lot of the basic features like reserving tables and listing addresses, making it the perfect professional app.

3. Yelp

Yelp is the ultimate in review websites, and therefore its app is useful just because of the cheer multitude of reviews. Very few restaurants are not listed in Yelp, making it incredibly comprehensive. By supplying more information than the average restaurant app like directions and prices, it is a great app.

Head to Head

Obviously space is premium on a smartphone so you probably want to download one app and not three. If you are looking more at the top-end restaurants then Zagat is your go-to app, but if you want a comprehensive list of all your options then Yelp should be your pick. If the content is not the issue for you but the ease of use and layout of the app, then Urbanspoon comes out on top. Have a little play around with each and see which one will serve your needs best, and then get out there and get eating!

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