On the Edge of the Marketing Revolution

The marketing industry has gone through a chain of dramatic changes over the past 20 years. The idea of marketing was born on the verge of the world’s industrial revolution that saturated the market with various goods. In this situation every company needed to decide how to sell their products. Companies started learning more about their customer’s preferences, desires, adjusted their production and changed their ways of merchandising. They began studying behavioral patterns of their customers in order to optimize marketing strategies.
New technological advancements have naturally posed additional challenges for the marketing industry. It is no longer enough to know how people behave and what they prefer buying nowadays. Instead companies have to use modern communication technologies in order to succeed. It is impossible to imagine a company without a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Online marketing became a major aspect of success.


The amount of internet users is growing rapidly everyday and it is this reason why marketing professionals are incorporating online users into their strategies. Online advertising has became a key driving force of sales. The amount of people who use mobile devices and tablets for browsing is growing too. The changing environment forces online advertising to adapt fast in order to deliver high-quality content in different formats through different platforms.
Mobile applications, Facebook pages and blog entries are conquering the world and advertisers have to catch up. The new means of communication now bring additional revenue to the companies. Even a small business can start operating through internet and become profitable without having an actual office and staff.

Rethinking the Mindset

Modern people are experienced and spoiled with all sorts of information, advertisements and products these days. It is difficult to surprise them with a new product or a new advertising campaign. It seems like everything has been invented and presented to them before. People don’t trust advertising any longer and prefer to choose their own content now. That is why marketers should be looking for unique, authentic and simple ways of product placement. Old ways of advertisement no longer work. It is time to get really creative and explore the new ways of marketing.

Empowered customers

Advertisers should always remember that customers matter and their voices cannot be ignored. During the pre-internet era, consumers could not express their opinions about certain products and advertisers use to decide what customers would buy without any feedback. New means of communication have now empowered customers in regards of allowing customers to leave their feedback though a company’s Facebook page or a tweet. Marketers cannot ignore this kind of feedback anymore; they have to work closely with consumers to keep them informed and satisfied.

Go multimedia

New forms of communication have transformed our views on audio and video materials. Online media is able to combine all of these aspects and present information in such attractive ways nowadays. This characteristics have changed the nature of marketing industry as now more and more companies require this vital skills and experience with multimedia tools when hiring new people. As a matter of fact a lot of companies surprisingly lack professionals who know how to use multimedia tools in their work.

A skilled and creative team of marketing specialists can easily overcome these challenges. After all, marketing is about human habits and behavior and a good marketing professional should be constantly aware of the changes posed by the new era of communication.

Author Bio:
This is a Guest Post by Victoria Abrams. Vic currently represents Invenio Marketing a full-service marketing solutions company with products and services created to aid in lead development and revenue growth of business-to-business and nonprofit organizations and associations.
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