Smartphone – A Threat or a Life Savior for Kids

To own a smartphone has become an indispensible need of every society member irrespective of his age, gender, social background, and monthly income. You will be amazed to know that not only adult but also the kids love to own smartphone with a lot of attractive cases. For example, if they own iPhone 4 then they will make a lot of investment in buying iPhone 4 cases to stand out the crowd. It is also being observed that majority of the school going kids also own smartphones despite of the fact that several elementary and secondary schools do not allow to keep them but in the current technological era, parents do not mind giving hones to their kids.

If you ask parents that why they give smartphones to their school going kids, many of them will support two objectives. One supports safety and self-satisfaction purpose. As school management do not allow to keep cell phones, which is why most of the times these phones remain switch off during school timing. However, despite of this fact, parents think that the availability of smartphone is the best source to cope up with any urgent situation. For example, they can contact to their kids if they find that their kids did not reach home from school on time. Besides this, they can also track the location of their lost kids with the help of GPS tracker in every smartphone. However, keep in mind that this will be only beneficial if the kid has neither lost the phone nor left it at school.

The other type of parents claims that the smartphones are best to facilitate the kids with the updated information, which is essential in the current era. Moreover, they are handy for entertainment as well. To achieve these goals, they download different kinds of educational and entertainment apps for their kids.

However, it is vital to understand that where the smartphone usage can be handy, it can also be a threat for a kid. Have you heard about phone snatching and mugging cases? You will be amazed to know that many victims are kids in such cases. Besides this, cyber crime is also increasing day by day and you will surely come across many cyberbullying cases in which kids are either involved or being victimized. Thus, keep in mind that smartphone can also become a great hassle instead of being a life savior. Now the question arises how to avoid such hassles. Do not worry, as you can do so by considering the mobile monitoring programs and mobile insurance plans.

Author Bio:
This article is written by the Alaa Younes who is a professional writer and technology blogger. She has written several posts and articles on different technology topics such as, Smartphone apps, antivirus apps, and on accessories such as iPod touch cases, blackberry torch cases, iPhone cases, etc.
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