How The Right Domain Name Can Improve Your SEO Efforts

Domain names play a crucial role in how businesses are found online. It is best for businesses to get their own domain name. Using a freebie site may indicate that you are not really serious about your business, and in addition to that your lack of a domain name could be costing you money. This post will talk about how to find the right domain name that will be easy to remember, which will also help a business get found on search engines.

 1. Select a domain name that is geared towards your target audience

 This name should be simple and preferably consist of 2 or 3 short words. It is best to use an ending such, .net or because no one will spend time to learning and remembering extensions such It would be beneficial to select words that create an action phrase that will tell your customers what the website will do for them. You need a good name that will help your customers remember you. In cases where they forgot to bookmark your website, but want to visit again, they may try to remember it using the URL they used in the first place.

 2. Keywords in the domain name

 This sparks some level of debate among designers, as some are of the impression that search engines rank the name based on the presence of the keywords, while others disagree. Either way, it won't hurt to include your keywords in your domain name. It simply means that if search engines do use those keywords to rank your website, you will benefit. If you do affiliate marketing do not select a domain name about making money online. Use one that includes the keywords 'affiliate marketing.' Your customers would also find you much easier as they know you are in affiliate marketing and would quite likely type them in as search terms. Use your top keywords.

 3. Use an easy-to-type domain name

 Using a domain that is lengthy and hard to remember will defeat the purpose of even getting a domain name. Users will simply not be bothered with a domain that requires a lot time and attention to accurate spelling. As mentioned before, avoid using words or sounds that are not memorable. You may also want to avoid using letters such as q, z, x, c and p.

 4. If you sell a certain brand product include it the domain name

 If you operate a sportswear online store and specialize in a brand such as Nike then include that in the domain name.

 Bearing in mind that the domain name must be short and unique, you will not actually use all the keywords and brand names. Create a list of the words and then try putting together a unique domain name using the most suitable words. Simply ensure that it is short, contains the brand and top keywords. Businesses that are serious about becoming an online entity must have their own unique domain name.

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