Cool Projects to Recycle Plastic Bags

Environmental activists have pointed out numerous concerns about using plastic bags. Many of the concerns seem to be a bit exaggerated. Manufacturers have been finding greener ways to develop plastic bags. Also, many of the bags that are made from green products are not always manufactured in a green manner. Some people are starting to realize that they aren’t quite as bad as they expected.
However, these concerns are still there. More people are trying to move away from using them, but at least half a trillion plastic bags are still manufactured each year.
One of the biggest misconceptions and criticisms about plastic bags is that they can’t be recycled. That may be true in the traditional sense, but there are still some great projects that allow you to recycle plastic bags in a fun way.


One of the most ingenious ideas I have ever read about is turning plastic bags into yarn and doing crotchet work with them. I have seen a number of very interesting projects compiled with recycled plastic bags, including:

- Dresses
- Halloween costumes
- Headbands

There are a number of people who have actually worn dresses they made from plastic bags. Some of them actually look fairly fashionable as well.

Products for Your Pets

Many people have started using a number of different products for their pets as well. You can make a dog bed or a pullover to keep your pet dry when it rains. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Holiday Decorations

You can also recycle plastic bags to make decorations for any holiday. Here are some of the ideas that some people have used in the past:

- A flying ghost
- The Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown (or at least what the designer thinks the Great Pumpkin would have looked like)
- A giant spider
- A replication of Santa Claus

There is no need to run out to the store to buy new decorations for the holidays. You can just make your own with some plastic bags.

Carrying items

You can incorporate plastic bags into more stylish carrying items with different functionalities. Some ideas of things you can make include:

- Tote bags
- Hand bags
Water bottle holders

You can use plastic bags to serve a number of purposes. These items can be surprisingly strong and durable. You can get as creative with the design as you want.

Make the Most of Your Plastic Bags

There are a number of different uses for plastic bags. You will need to be creative with your designs to get the best possible benefit from them. There are a number of different products that you can build with them. This will help you stretch your dollar further and benefit the environment at the same time.

Author Bio:
Kalen is a lifestyle, sustainability and personal finance writer for He enjoys creating new and fun ideas to re-use household items. 

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