8 Highly Creative Touch Screen Kiosks User Interfaces

Even the least tech-savvy consumer is better able to appreciate the concept of a touchscreen display than almost any other kind of interface.

This type of technology allows for an intuitive way to interact with various systems that is not solely reliant on physical buttons that are tied to just one or two functions.
Of course, there are many different interfaces out there, so this list of eight of the best will let you discover some great kiosk designs and establish what works and what does not.

Inamo Menu
This touch-sensitive ordering system allows diners to pick the menu items they want from a full heads-up display that is visible on the table in front of them. Created by SecondStorey, this interface even gives diners an idea of how their plate of food will be arranged when it arrives.

This is a DVD kiosk interface that lets users browse through a library of hundreds of popular titles with ease. It even presents a synopsis and a quote from a movie critic for each film, which gives the customer a surprisingly unbiased opinion to help them reach a decision.

HP TouchSmart Airport Kiosk
As well as offering travellers the chance to find out about local landmarks and attractions, these kiosks are web-ready, with Skype compatibility for video chat and email access also on board.

GUIFX Microwave
Microwaves are a perfect example of a home appliance that can be made much easier to use via a touchscreen. Gone are esoteric images and clockwork dials, replaced instead with a full colour, full digital interface providing a full suite of controls.
Marquette Building: Art and Ornament Kiosks A pair of touchscreen kiosks provides visitors to this U.S. landmark with information, as well as a chance to experience the various masterworks it contains in full 3D with tactile manipulation. It is impossible to get as close to the artistic and architectural elements in real life as you can via this kiosk.

Airbus A380 (Singapore Air)
In-flight entertainment systems have long been controlled, either by a built-in remote with a confusing array of buttons or by flight attendants with no direct passenger interactivity available. Thankfully, modern planes come with touchscreen systems like this that let individuals navigate menus smoothly and pick from movies, TV shows, games and the other media options without any hassle.

O'Hare Airport AIN
The Accenture Interactive Network is able to deliver touchscreen fun on a large scale, spreading across nine widescreen panels that make up a cohesive display that delivers up to the minute news, weather and passenger information.

Hong Kong Airport Interactive Map
Not to be outdone by Americans, you can find an excellent touchscreen kiosk offering mapping and other relevant details in Hong Kong airport. The map is available with full English translations so that you don't get lost. It even lets you know the location of the stores in the departure lounge so that you can stock up on products before you fly.

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