What Would You Invest More On Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Google and Facebook are the two most-popular websites of today. Billions of people choose to use Google for all of their searches while everyone use Facebook as their primarily social networking site. It seems too that people who use Google have Facebook and vice versa or it’s just really that these two sites are too popular.

Google Ads or Facebook Ads

But if you were to choose between investing ads on Google or Facebook, which one would you choose and which of the two sites can provide you with the biggest return of investments? Let’s take a look at it now.

Investing ads on Google is a great investment because it ensures that you will be able to get your investment back in no time. That is, if you know how to do it right. For instance, if you invest some ads on Google and you get it to appear on keywords that people search more of, then that’s going to benefit you and your business as well.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

On the other hand, if you invest ads on Facebook, there is also a huge chance for people to see your advertisements. This means that when people log into their site and they search through different pages on Facebook, your ads will be the one that they will see on the right side of their screen.

The downside to investing ads on both Google and Facebook is that since a lot of other business entities invested on the same thing, and then it’s more likely that there will be really tight competition. This shouldn’t be a huge problem though because if you come to think of it, competition is always there anywhere you go.

Another downside to investing ads solely on Google is that it does not allow you to broaden your market. If you stick to just Google, then that’s where you’ll only be seen; the same thing goes with Facebook. So to answer the question on which of the two investments is more viable will really be up to you. It depends on what kind of advertisements you want to invest on and it also depends on the nature of your business.

Now that you have an idea on what some of the things are there that you need to consider before jumping into this kind of investment, then what are you still waiting for? Make sure to keep them in mind if only to make sure that your money will never be put to waste.

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This article was exclusively written by Artchee Mendoza for this site. Artchee also writes for www.realtimecontent.com, experts in online video advertising.
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