Mobile Advertising, Pros and Cons

Mobile advertising is slowly becoming the go-to form factor for businesses nowadays. Though it can be another great way to reach your target market, it may not be perfect for you. Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide if mobile advertising is for you.


Highly Customizable - Mobile advertising offers a wide range of features for you to tailor your advertising campaign. From targeting a specific handset and carriers right down to where in the world your advertisement will be displayed.

HUGE Reach - It’s been said that there are more users browsing the web and using their mobile devices than using their PC’s, and in some ways it’s true. With mobile gaming becoming a huge hit too, there are so many different ways your advertisements can be viewed and by a huge range of different potential clients.

Personalization - Because of the customization you can work into your advertising campaign, you can create a more personal advertisement for mobile users to view and feel a sense of intimacy between you and the clients.

Paid or Free - With the diversity of the Internet, you can choose whether to pay for a more direct form of advertising that will show instant results, or you could spend the time to work with social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Though these social sites won’t show instant results like paid advertising campaigns, a creative video surrounding your product that goes viral could really pay off.


It Takes Time - Both paid and free forms of mobile marketing will take a huge chunk of your time. The paid advertising option needs a fair chunk of your time to tweak and customize the campaign so it works for you, and social media will take time before you begin to see results.

Advertisements Are Unwanted - Everybody likes a free app or game, but most of the time these apps come with ads. This is great for companies, but most users don’t like advertisements. On some smartphones, users have the ability to block as within apps much like pop-up blockers you’d find on the PC. Keep in mind that this is a very small portion of consumers, but it’s still a point to consider.

A Huge Amount Of Choice - Okay, we’ve visited this area before in the pros, but this can be a bit of a con too. With so much choice it can be difficult to see where to begin, and even if you manage to create a good campaign, it may not be right for your target market, and you could end up wasting money.

Author Bio:
Aaron Richardson is a techno nerd, musician, an aspiring tech/gaming writer and a contributor to 
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