Top Fitness Facebook Pages

Smartphones and online social media has transformed the way that we interact with each other. With so many different mediums of communication, keeping track of the important issues in peoples lives has never been easier and makes it simple to maintain a wide network of friends and colleagues.
As well as the communication revolution, fitness is also becoming more social. As well as easily sharing workouts and generating motivational support from your networks, there are a range of different ways in which you can use Facebook to support your fitness and workout goals.
Below are some of the best Facebook pages for fitness.

Nike+ Running Page

Nike+ running page connects with the Nike+ running app on your smartphone. This app is proving very popular in the running word as it is acting like an entry level GPS watch. Previously runners had to pay upwards of $100 on GPS watch models such as the Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 or the Garmin Forerunner series, as these watches allowed them to track aspects of their sessions such as speed, distance, time, pace and calories. Thanks to the Nike+ running app, athletes can now both track their performance and share their workouts on their Facebook time lines. This means that their friends and family can track their progress as they progress towards their fitness goals.
Using the app and the Facebook page, runners can post their live workouts to Facebook and therefore can receive motivational support as they run via the app, straight to their phone

Event Pages

Facebook has made it easy for anyone who is running an event to start up and event page. These are places where people who have signed up to a race can exchange training tips, chat about their fitness progress or arrange to meet-up and train together. The London marathon has several of these Facebook pages and they are proving a great way for people to talk about all aspects of the marathon as well as well as exchanging fund raining ideas and support.
In summary, Facebook has made it easy for people to track their training, organize training sessions and support one another throughout their fitness journey. Instead of using GPS watches, runners can use their smartphones to track their fitness and then post their progress to Facebook as they train towards  a specific goal or event. Friends, family and fellow competitors can support each other using events pages in the run up to a big race as well as fundraising and raising awareness for their cause.

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