Working From Home Versus Renting A Commercial Office Space

 If you are thinking of starting a business, or already have a small business, then one of the most important questions is whether to work from home or whether to rent a commercial office space.
There are obviously a lot of pros and cons to both of these options, depending on your circumstances. Nobody can make the decision but you; however here are the benefits of each that will hopefully make your choice a little easier.

The Pros and Cons of Working From Home 

Working from home appeals to a lot of appeal, mainly due to how easy it is to accomplish and the lack of overheads. It is not all plain sailing though as you may find that working from home becomes a chore and that you never escape from the business!
Cutting down costs is a great reason to work from home, especially if you are a new business that is low on funds. There is also the joy of having your own home comforts around you such as your own kitchen, toilet and living spaces.
The issues may arise if you find yourself getting distracted easily by household chores, the television or even just gazing out of the window. If, after a trial period, you find that you lack concentration in a home office then it may be a good reason to start looking at a rented office space.
Many people are unsure whether they want a home office due to having to give out their home address for business correspondence. Luckily, with the plethora of 
Virtual Office and Mailbox companies around nowadays there should be no problems in resolving this issue with a business address that you can use for your company post.
Finally, if you are going to be working from home then it is important to set yourself a designated work area that is away from your normal living space. This will ensure that you do not get distracted as easily and will also signal to anyone you live with that you are working and should not be disturbed. Not only that, but you don't want to be working in the same place that you settle down with the family to watch TV!

The Pros and Cons of Renting a Commercial Office Space

You may find that you are really not suited to working from home, or that the business has expanded far too much for you to operate from a home office. This could be due to new equipment or stock that has nowhere to be stored, or that you are looking at hiring new staff.
When it is time to move into a commercial office space it is fundamental that the costs are taken into account of everything, not just rent. You may have to pay utility bills on that office, as well as line rental, internet and property licences.
Make a list of everything that your new business premises is going to cost you and then work out whether you can truly afford it before making that big move from home office to rented office space.
The best thing about having your own office space is the level of professionalism it will instil in you, making you more productive and less distracted when working. You will also find that potential clients and customers will have a greater respect for someone who works from a rented office than a home office.
Of course, it can be easy to spend too much time in the office when it is not at home, but this should not be a place to hide from the family and should be treated as a 'working hours' only place. If you operate Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 then ensure you do not spend much longer in the office, before it becomes habit and you end up moving in a futon and fridge!             
There are pros and cons to both working from home and renting a commercial office space. Of course, the big deciding factor will tend to be the costs and overheads of upgrading into a rented office space but they could be outweighed by your level of productivity.
If you find you only get a fraction of your work done whilst at home, then perhaps by renting an office space you will see sales soaring and be able to cover the costs of running an office.

Author Bio:
An article by Nathan Griffiths, a prolific writer who currently works from home, but may need soon to rent a commercial space!
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