Using Instagram Marketing as a Branding Campaign Tool

Many businesses, large and small, are turning to Instagram to promote their products. The Instagram marketing platform has taken off as social media becomes the marketing tool of the immediate future. Facebook’s photo-sharing application has become extremely popular because it’s largely photo-based which consumers much prefer these days. Their interaction with a produce they can see is the all important factor in marketing these days. Instant gratification is rife as more and more people become less interested in reading about products, and more into appreciating the visuals of what they’re about to spend their money on. 

Here are a few Instagram marketing tips:


The application is great for product promotions as companies post creative pictures of the products and services onto their Facebook and website pages. Stock photos are less popular than they used to be. Now, businesses take their own pictures and treat them with Instagram thereby building brand recognition. The Instagram marketing platform is used by big players such as Starbucks who are known for their quirky pictures of their products and content of images which they send to the Instagram followers every day. Avoid posting the same visuals as people will turn off. Keep the promotion visuals new and fresh.

Secret Discount Promotions

It’s an effective way to do marketing for your company, it’s also cost efficient. Topshop recently used their Instagram photos to attract clients to their discounts and sales. All of their 218 000 Instagram followers were treated to the images which revealed secret codes for discounts, and indications on where to find new stores. Instagram works much like Twitter in that you would have to hashtag your ‘offer’ photos with promotional codes. Cost effective and with a wide reach this Instagram marketing tool is extremely popular.

Consumer Interaction

It’s the core of marketing nowadays and including your Instagram followers in your campaign goes a long way to creating hype around your products. Choosing fans on your Instagram marketing page and promoting them with a @mention means you can comment and tag them in your comments. It’s viral marketing technique that can generate word-of-mouth promotions. Your fans followers can start to hook up to your Instagram page. Followers love being recognised for their contribution and loyalty to companies. Get your Instagram marketing campaign up and running soon for effective advertising.

Author Bio:
Vida Denning is a freelance writer and big fan of Instagram. She learned about their marketing ideas while doing research for company in Melbourne office space who want to do something different.

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