The Magic of iPhoneography - Photography with Your iPhone

iPhones offer so many fantastic features and uses that it’s easy to overlook the obvious. One of the greatest tools the iPhone offers is the built-in high quality digital camera. A decade ago, digital cameras were expensive to buy and produced fairly low quality results. It’s amazing that you can now have such a high quality digital camera built into your mobile phone. Digital photography has become incredibly simple and easy thanks to the iPhone.

Having access to your iPhone camera all the time revolutionizes the kinds of pictures you end up taking. The simple point and click process means that you need never miss a shot. You can instantly share your photographs using one of the many different services or platforms available, such as Facebook. The quality of the images the iPhone produces is amazing, and even a novice photographer can take excellent pictures.

The iPhone really is perfect for any budding amateur photographer. It’s easy to store and sort your photographs, and the memory of an iPhone offers plenty of storage space. As well as being able to show off your results instantly, you can join your Apple iPhone to your computer which makes it much easier to send your photos out, print them or upload them to social networks. The iPhone camera compares very well with most modern digital cameras, and the results are great even when the lighting is poor. The camera automatically adjusts to difficult lighting conditions, and there’s a built-in flash for those really dark shots.

Always to hand and easy to operate, the iPhone camera is perfect for party shots and snaps of friends and family. However, it shouldn’t just be regarded as a snapshot camera, and the camera on your iPhone is capable of producing results to rival more expensive dedicated cameras. Many serious photographers are now recognizing the power of iPhoneography, and the results they are producing are amazing. There is a gritty sense of realism associated with the work of many iPhoneography enthusiasts. Their photographs cover a range of subjects and genres, but documentary pictures are a particular favourite.

The true creative power of the iPhone camera is unleashed when you start to experiment with the many apps available. Most of these apps are free, and they revolutionize the capabilities of the iPhone camera. Apps allow you to produce panoramic pictures at the press of a button, and open up the worlds of black and white and other creative styles of photography. Photo-editing apps allow you to add frames and borders to pictures, and to adjust exposure, tone and contrast. Once you download some apps, your iPhone becomes a hand-held digital editing device as well as a superb camera.

Although it’s easy to operate straight from the box, it’s worth reading the instructions for an iPhone camera. Various settings can be adjusted, and you can set the camera up to work to your own preferences. Taking a few minutes to learn the more advanced features means you really get the best from the camera.

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