Four Must-Have Apps for Business iPhone Users

Lately, offices are relying more on smartphones and tablets than they ever have in the past. Some businesses are even handing out these portable media devices to their employees because they help enforce organization and easy communication. Whether you’re a head boss or employee looking for business-related applications, we certainly have you covered.
Today we have compiled a list of four applications that are essential for any business iPhone users. 

They really help ease work between employees. So let’s begin with one of my ultimate favorites:


Those that handle many jobs at once tend to forget their daily tasks, especially if they change-up daily. An application like Evernote allows employees to jot down notes on a virtual notepad. If you’re attending a meeting, Evernote is great at actually recording media at the event. You can take notes, record the media, take photos, or even video-tape the session. It’s also very pleasurable to be able to store the media/notes within an organized folder.
All Evernote data is stored in the cloud too, so you can actually view the data on another device or even online. That’s what really got me attached to Evernote.


Constantly on the phone with talking about business related tasks? Luckily for employers there is an application to help organize your business’s phone system right from an iPhone. For example, this application can control all the phones within your company’s building. It even allows employers to answer a call to any of your business phones right on your smartphone. It’s very convenient, and has a VOIP option to prevent minute wasting.


So, you’re preparing for a presentation and want an easier method of sharing information? Instead of attaching a clunky laptop to a projector, SlideShark allows for Powerpoint presentations to be viewed and edited right on a smartphone. With an adapter, that smartphone could be attached to a projector.
It’s really easy to use – just create an account on SlideShark and upload your presentation. Then the presentation can be viewed online by yourself, and even employees at your company. I highly recommend this application for any company.

JotNot Scanner Pro

JotNot literally turns your iPhone into a multipage scanner.  Just take a photo of a document, magazine page, or other piece of media you want to save for later. The application then permits users to convert them to PDF, JPEG, or PNG format for uploading (or emailing) to sites like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, etc.
However, JotNot shines like no-other application because it uses technology similar to flatbed scanners to remove shadows and correct white balance. Also, JotNot will automatically detect the media you are scanning and attempt to remove background scenery, such as pens, money,  and cups.


Well, those were our four applications that business employers and employees should use around the office more. I guarantee that these four applications will promote a more organized office almost immediately.

Author Bio: 
Ryan St. Onge is a writer that enjoys discussing technology. Check out his blog about laptops called Fantastic Laptop. 
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