The 10 Greatest Muscle Cars From 1965-1970

If you love cars, it is extremely difficult not to turn your head when you see a classic muscle car cruise by. This is especially true if there are any nostalgic memories that pop up for you. But even for those that were born in the subsequent decades, there is a grand respect for these vehicles by anyone fortunate enough to set eyes on them.

From 1965 till 1970, some of the best muscle cars were created. Numerous manufacturers attempted to “muscle” their way into this category, some successful, others less so. Pontiac, Buick, Ford, Plymouth, Dodge, essentially everyone was trying to make then next best thing. Though all may not have met that goal, there are some that are definitely worthy of an honorable mention. So without further ado, here are the 10 most loved vehicles of that period.

10. 1970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda: 

The 426 HP Hemi was a ferocious addition to this vehicle, which was redesigned for the 1970 release. This beast was able to a quarter-mile in around 13 seconds. Though when it came to it’s handling, the Cuba left for much to be desired.

9. 1965 Pontiac GTO: 

The GTO produced a decent 335 HP stock, with an additional Tri Power option which gave an extra 25, brought the total HP to 360. It was capable of reaching 60 MPH in less than 6 seconds, which was impressive then as well as nowadays. Though, the brakes were terrible as well as the handling. But when it comes down to it, who needs to turn or slow down… when you have the need for speed.

8. 1970 Chevelle 454 SS: 

454 cubic inches for an engine is absolutely no joke. Once the LS6 upgrade was purchased, the 360 HP took a major jump to 450. The Chevelle literally set the bar as high as it could be set, and that bar was insanely high. This is the reason the Chevelle, to this day, remains to be one of the most produced cars ever. People loved it, and for good reason.

7. 1969 Plymouth RoadRunner:  

The Coyote was never able to catch this road runner. This bird could produce 390 HP, and was comparable to the Hemi but cheaper. This vehicle worked wonders for Plymouth, putting them in the forefront for muscle car producers.

6. 1968 Pontiac Firebird Coupe: 

This is one of the most iconic of all muscle cars, and anyone who is familiar with them instantly draws upon the imagery of painted and decorative hoods. Watching movies from the late 60s will undoubtedly have a Firebird or two present in them… as well as big hair and tight jeans.

5. 1970 Buick GSX: 

The GSX was thought to be so good already, that they only allowed for them to produced in two colors. Those colors being white and yellow, both of course having the two thick racing stripes going across the hood. This vehicle produced 360 HP, so it wasn’t the most powerful. But to increase the image of prestige, only 678 were made to keep them rare.

4. 1970 Boss 302 Mustang: 

Simply, a beautiful car, with enough muscle to match its image. The Boss, indeed, deserved the name. Though it only produced a low 290 HP, it made it to 60 mph in under 7 seconds and ran a quarter mile in around 15 seconds.

3. 1969 Dodge Charger: 

One of the most well known muscle cars, made famous by the television show “ The Dukes of Hazard.” The stock engine produced 375 HP, though if you ponied up and purchased the Hemi, you would be pushing around 425 HP. That’s no joke, and neither was the car.

2. 1969 Z28 Chevy Camaro:

 Most people, even those less interested in cars, know what a Camaro is, or at least has heard the name. Even though the car only produced 290 HP, no one complained. It was fast enough, handled and braked well, and was real easy on the eye. When you put all of that together, you have a product few complained about, and most loved.

1. 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500: 

The epitome and definition of a muscle car. Oddly, there was little that set this car above and beyond all others, however, it has set itself apart. Producing 355 HP is decent, but again nothing special. In truth, Ford created this car to be more agile than other vehicles, and in that regard they succeeded. But the one thing they simply did right, was make the car utterly and undeniably beautiful. Upon that success, along with barley meeting other requirements, thy produced perhaps the best muscle car of all time.

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