Mobile Marketing: A New Platform

The UK mobile phone industry is busy and competitive. UK mobile usage is one of the largest in Europe. UK mobile penetration is near the top of the EU leaderboard. The merger between Orange and T-Mobile leaves four main providers for this industry in the UK. People are shying away from personal computers in favor of mobile phones, iPads and laptops. Today’s phones serve a panacea of uses.
The mobile marketplace is characterized by ever-evolving new technologies and applications. It seems like every month some new mobile device or application is released. The cellphone you purchased last month just might be dated by the time you use it.

Advanced Data At Your Fingertips
Mobile products specialize in advanced data services that are transmitted through a rapidly growing series of networks.  In addition to providing most business and personal functions that a pc does, today’s mobiles have the advantage of seemingly unlimited games. This is a full service device. Being on a cell has become a way of life in the UK and around the globe.
Anything this good must have a place in marketing campaigns. Mobile marketing is not only on the rise in the UK but it is circling the world. Marketers are designing spectacular images and text marketing tools.  Mobile searching is real and it is only going to increase.
Entrepreneurs and corporations need to understand the ramifications of the shift to mobile. The possibilities for instant results are strong. The reach is broad and the price is right. Chances are that soon advertising for mobiles will surpass advertising on television or radio.    

Shifting to Mobile
The migration to mobile is a good fit. The audience is focused. The mobile is always by their side. There is a new statistic that providers and marketers use to  track and promote their service; the Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU).
When marketers warm to mobile marketing, one of the things they want to know from the provider is the ARPU and its trend. In early 2012, the ARPU slowed marginally in year-over-year comparisons. At present, there is an intense survey being compiled. The survey will paint a clear picture of UK mobile usage.
The goal of this survey is to accumulate meaningful data regarding usage, technology deficiencies and regulatory issues that can broaden the marketplace even more. This data will be used by Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) to set guidelines for mobile based marketing.
Man businesses are not waiting to proceed with this relatively new form of advertising. The value is there. The drawing power is dynamic. The business that is not reaching out to mobile marketing is behind the field.

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