Discoveries Science and Technology Can't Explain

Science likes to have an answer for everything; it likes to put everything away in its own special compartment along with a rational explanation for its creation or existence. But what happens to the things that science can’t explain? Those items from the past that simply shouldn’t exist yet do. Despite the best attempts at science to unravel the mystery of the existence of these artefacts, it is no further forward than it was decades ago.

The Voynich Manuscript

This incredible illustrated manuscript has been dated back to the early part of the 1400’s. Across the centuries it has been in the hands some of the best brains that society had to offer, from mathematicians and scientists through to philosophers and kings. In this century it has been examined by the top code breakers and cipher masters from top level government institutions that have the ability to crack just about every code ever invented, and yet nobody can read it. Not only can they not read it there is no clue as to where it originally came from, who wrote it or what its intended purpose was. It may be illustrated with impressive drawings and diagrams, but no one can explain what the illustrations are representing either. Parts of the manuscript seem to explain aspects of biology and herbalism and astronomical information, but the plants that have been illustrated bear no resemblance to any known plants on earth neither does the astronomical information look familiar. So what does science do? It tucks it neatly away inside the Yale Rare Manuscript Library, far away from prying eyes.

The Baigong Pipes

There is a certain part of China that has been proven never to have been subject to human habitation or any kind - there has never been any industry placed there or any form of settlement. Yet travel to the top of the mountain and you will see protrusions sticking up through the rocks that can only be described as pipes. Many of these pipes travel on a straight line right into the mountain rock, and some of them lead from the mountain across to a nearby lake. The lake too also contains these strange pipe formations. In some cases the diameter of these pipes reaches around 40cm, they are uniform in size and appear to have been laid, or constructed in seemingly mathematical patterns.

This is a part of the world that is barely fit for human habitation, yet scientists and archaeologists have dated these pipe formations to a time long before the Iron Age. They certainly give the impression of being manufactured and purposefully placed, but the answer remains by who? There are those who speculate that it was part of an alien construction of some kind, others claim it is part of a natural part of tree fossilisation, others claim that they are an elaborate hoax aimed at confusing the masses, but really? Surely science should be able to come up with a definitive answer to just what these pipes are, were for or were constructed by?

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