5 of the World's Weirdest Police Cars

Police cars need to be nimble, fast and also portray a certain degree of authority. Of course, they also have to be apt for the terrain or the area they are used, while also take into account the needs of their passengers - In both the back and front.
However, through the decades there have been a number of less than conventional police cars used throughout the world. Some are impractical, some are unsuitable and some are just a little wacky – so, let’s have a look at some of the most interesting and bizarre autos used as police cars.


Back in 2004, the god folk at Italian sports car maker Lamborghini donated a pair of Gallardo police cars to the Polizia di Stato as a present on its 152nd birthday. The cars costing €165,000 were used in both regular duty and also at other promotional events. Interestingly one was smashed to pieces when returning from a jobs fair in Cremona, Northern Italy. It collided with two stationary cars having had to swerve out of the way of a vehicle that got in its way.

Gallardo police cars


A symbol of life behind the iron curtain can still be seen in Russia on patrol. The Lada brand still make cars for the Russian police force thanks to a combination of reasonable pricing and the fact they are easy to service. The less than luxurious Russian auto is made of heavier steel to cope with the cold climates and can travel for thousands of miles without the need for any care at all. However, it’s not one for memorable longer trips we imagine, but not one for 
car leasing comforts. 


Texas is a place where bigger is better – always. So, what better car for the sheriff than a Hummer Jeep? One Texas sheriff has had his Hummer modified with a 6.9l V8 with an increased displacement, among other changes. The Hummer is a one off, but capable of 240Km/h and comes with a maximum output of 720bhp and 910nm of torque at 4300rpm. The suspension has also been modified, as thankfully have the brakes.


On the opposite end of the blue line is the GEM car with a top speed of 28mph and an electric engine. This little car is used by neighbourhood police watches in Brighton and has been used for patrols in an aim to cut down on pollution. Brighton is the only constituency in the UK to have a Green Party MP coincidentally.

CMC Tiffany Police Car

Drug dealers often have extravagant styles and this vintage looking auto is a fine example of this. The CMC Tiffany Police Car existed in the late 90s in America and really was an eye catching crime stopping force to be seen in, for police officers at least.

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