Why Is The Ocean So Important

Why is the ocean so important to human survival? After all, the ocean is too salty to drink from as the salt levels in the water will cause you to become dehydrated. However, the ocean does provide a number of unique ways that allow us to live to our potential.
There are four reasons why the ocean is so important to us: food, eco-system, business and enjoyment.

Why Is The Ocean So Important

Number One – The Ocean Provides Food For Us

Approximately two billion pounds of fish are caught every year and distributed globally, and provide around sixteen percent of the protein in a person’s daily requirements. On a side note, the reason why protein is so important is that it is the building blocks of muscle and ensures that your body functions properly. Without protein, your body is unable to develop and grow, causing you to become malnourished.
A second reason why fish is so important is that it provides you with the right vitamins and minerals to ensure you live a healthy life. Vitamins and minerals boost your calcium levels (so that you grow strong bones), strengthen your immune system (keep you healthy and less susceptible to illness), improve your vision and energy levels.

Number Two – The Ocean Helps Maintain The Eco-System

The ocean regulated the temperature and oxygen levels. The way the ocean regulates the temperature is through distribution, the sun rays hit the ocean and heat up that area of water, the water then distributes the heat across the globe.
The ocean also creates oxygen. This process is similar to how plants create oxygen, taking in the carbon dioxide and then creating oxygen. The ocean is the source of nearly all the available oxygen in the atmosphere.

Number Three – The Ocean Creates Business

The three most common ways that the ocean creates business are: fishing, mining and tourism.
 Fishing – As mentioned above, around two billion pounds of fish are caught annually. This fish is then distributed through wholesalers and onto your grocery store shelf on a daily bases. To give you an idea on how much money that equates to, the United States of America (USA) earns around four billion dollars annually on commercial fishing.
Mining – Since the early 1950’s humans have mined the ocean floor for diamonds, gold, silver, metal and oil to name a few. This allows companies to employee people to work on Riggs and mine the goods. To give you an idea of the money, mining makes up seven percent of the gross annual income in the USA – fourteen trillion dollars.
Tourism – The fastest growing industry in the world and is the top economic contributor in eighty-three percent of countries.
The ocean is responsible for over two million jobs worldwide and in the USA alone it earns nearly half a trillion dollars annually.

Number Four – The Ocean Also Provides Entertainment Purposes

The ocean is also important to human’s recreation needs, the need to have enjoyment. In addition to having fun in the water by surfing, swimming, body boarding, sailing and so on, it also keeps you fit and healthy.
The reason having fun is so critical to a person’s health is it effects your mood. If you do not have fun, you tend to be depressed and it leads to you not performing at work or in your private life.
To conclude, the ocean is a vital part of our daily lives. We often take the ocean for granted; mainly because we do not see the benefits it creates. The ocean is unique in the sense that it provides food, jobs and fun all at the same time.
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