Using Social Media to Find a New Job

Applying for a new job can be both frustrating and time consuming. But you can use your network of valuable contacts in the hunt for a new job. Using Social Media and Your Networks to find a new job is the most efficient way to find the job of your dream.

All the people you somehow know or have come in contact with are a part of your network. These people may be directly or indirectly in contact with the companies that may ultimately be the key to your quest for new challenges. Networking is called the "invisible job market".

Here are certain points that would help you to land up with a job by using social media and your network.

Work with your network

The time and energy required to develop your network sometimes is in itself a full time job. But when the foundation is laid your network will grow. Some links lead nowhere, but you learn a lot along the way. Eventually you become an expert in your industry that will be useful in your contact with the employers.

Where are the key people?

Identify events, fairs, dinners, seminars or after works where your potential network moves. Once you have located the occasions where your target is moving, bring a friend and start mingling. Keep in mind that the majority of those who are there have the same interests as you.

Broaden your network in social media

Every day more companies coming to social networks for filling in job vacancies, either directly to give their jobs to potential candidates or for information of the candidates prior to their recruitment.
Social media overflows with discussion forums and networking groups. Do you have your resume on LinkedIn? If not, get one. On LinkedIn which is the best professional social network there are many groups which discuss, exchange experiences and advertise vacancies. Find groups within your industry and join the discussion. Why not create your own group and attract key employees?

If you are interested in working in a specific company, follow it on Twitter, become a fan of it's Facebook page and try to get into conversation. Take part in the dialogue, you have a greater chance of key employers becoming aware about you.

Keep Your Profile Updated On Social Media

You need to keep your profile in each of the social networks in which you participate, updated.

• This includes your professional profile or CV.
• Do you have blog? Keep it updated.
• Be very careful of the privacy settings when designing the profile, especially of your professional profiles. You do not want the hiring manager of a company in which you want to work looking at the pictures of the year-end party dressed as a drag queen, right?
• Upload a photo of your face that is clearly visible. The picture you put in your profile will add authenticity and inspire confidence.
Use Social Media to Build an Online Reputation 
Building a good online reputation is undoubtedly one of the primary needs.
• The first thing you have to do is to see what's posted online about you. Check the post and previous comments that you could have done in blogs or forums in the past that may hurt the sentiments of the company that is thinking about hiring you.
• Try to make your acquaintances, relatives and persons or companies with whom you have worked previously to comment or write about your professionalism and good work. This will greatly improve your online reputation and help you increase your credibility. How do you do this? You can write a post on your blog about some of the work you have done or participated in and ask your colleagues and bosses to make a comment, you can ask them to write on your Facebook profile about your qualities as a person, and so on.


Your contacts are worth their weight in gold. Take care of them. Give them feedback on your progress and what they have contributed. Who knows when you might benefit from them again?
Full time web entreprenuer Ludwing Hernandez 
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