Why is Brand Identity so Important to Businesses?

Know Who You Are

If, as a business, you don’t know what you represent and what your stand for, then how are your customers going to understand? Establishing and building a strong, recognisable brand identity could be the difference between a business disappearing without trace, or growing into a globally popular company.
One of the common misconceptions new business owners hold, which often holds them back from achieving the success they could do, is that creating a brand identity is something that costs a lot of money. Establishing and building a brand doesn’t have to cost a lot, and regardless of the outlay, the increased success a business will enjoy from having a strong identity means that the work you have done will soon pay for itself.

Why is Brand Identity so Important to Businesses

Establishing Brand Identity

A simple list of bullet points or a mind map will help you to identify the steps you need to take to establish a strong brand identity.
Consider the following carefully, remembering that knowing this will save you from spending unnecessary funds on practices that won’t be useful to you.
- Who are your target customers?
- How do you want these customers to view your brand?
- What makes your product or service unique?
- What is the best way to connect and engage with your target market?
- Which will be the most cost effective way of achieving this?

Brand Identity Defined

Once you have covered the points on that list and established a schedule of pricing and any promotional activity, you are well set up to establish you brand.
In its most simple form, brand identity is simply connecting with your target market on a regular basis, and getting them to spend money on your product or service.
If you have a brilliant, high-quality product that people want to use again and again, and your levels of service and delivery are top notch, then people will remember you, become repeat customers, recommend you to friends or through social media, and you will be left only to ensure these people remember you at all times.

Advertising Effectively

Once you’ve done your bit in terms of great products and service, the final piece of the brand identity jigsaw is advertising. Decide how much money you need to spend on advertising – if you can connect to millions of potential customers through social media, you may not need to spend much at all. It is usually wise to invest according to the size of your target market – therefore start small then increase your advertising streams later.
Once this is built firmly into your branding strategy, and your product, service, and adverts make people immediately think of you, your brand identity is firmly established.

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