Gadgets to Help Your Office Make You Feel like a Boss

Being the boss is never the easiest job in the world. You have to establish and maintain a good rapport with all your employees, while making it clear who calls the shots in the office. Part of being able to manage your employees successfully stems from how they perceive you as their boss. It is very necessary to project the right image if you want your employees to take you seriously as someone they should be taking orders from. Building and projecting the right image comes down to a large part to how your office is equipped. Have the right tools in your office and your employees will know that you an all-business no-nonsense kind of guy. 

Here are the top gadgets that will help you look and feel like a boss:

USB Cup Warmer
Drinking from Styrofoam cups may be fine for other employees, but the boss always has to drink from his trademark ceramic cup. The biggest problem with that is the fact that your cup of tea or coffee will cool down much more quickly in your air-conditioned cabin. A quirky, yet practical, solution to this problem is the USB cup warmer. Attach it to the USB port of your laptop or desktop and let the heated plate keep you cuppa warm and good to go. Gadgets are always useful when it comes to intimidating employees a little bit and the USB cup warmer is perfect for that task. Employees should know that the steam rising from your coffee mug could easily be issuing from your ears if they manage to cross you.

Being a boss is about making a point every time you have a discussion with your employee. That task is made a lot easier thanks to a handy little device called the micro-projector. Instead of the big bulky behemoth hanging from the office ceiling, a micro-projector sits neatly on your desk and can transform any wall into a presentation destination. Why only talk to your employees and bore them when you can enthrall them with one of your trademark presentations. Plus, you cannot deny the fact that you like the mini power-trip that is often associated with making presentations to employees.

Remote Controlled Roller Blinds
How an employee feels when sitting inside your office cabin heavily depends upon the type of ambience you can create. The amount of natural light flooding into the room has a big impact on the ambience levels. However, it wouldn't be very boss-like of you to get up and manipulate the roller blinds with your hands. It may work in detective stories and for JJ Gittes in the movie 'Chinatown', but there is no way to do so in real life without making you look overdramatic. The right thing to do would be to install remote controlled lower blinds. Use the remote control to guide the roller blinds and project an image that says you mean business.
In order to be an effective boss, it is imperative that you feel like a boss and project the right image. With the help of these three gadgets, let your office cabin become a temple dedicated to the awesomeness that is you being the boss.

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