Why does my business need IT support?

Your IT system no longer just supports your business – it enables the entire business to function. As a result, technology now plays a crucial role in the day-to-day running of your business. Therefore, the primary function of your IT network is to enable you to trade by ensuring that your critical software applications are secure and always available, and that your valuable data is fully protected.
Comprehensive technology protection will give your business the security and confidence it needs, safe in the knowledge that your IT system is being closely monitored and that any issues are identified before they impact on business performance.


That’s why selecting the right IT support partner is one of the most important business decisions you’ll make.

What is TSG SystemCare?

TSG SystemCare is one of the most advanced IT support services available in the UK today and has been designed to ensure that your businesses IT system is proactively monitored in order to help to protect against IT system failure and data loss.
To achieve this, TSG combines 24 hour network monitoring tools with advanced reporting techniques and telephone/on-site support options, together with a number of compatible ‘managed services’ options, which provide your business with the peace of mind that your IT system is being effectively looked after.

How will my business benefit?

SystemCare will offer your business:

The comprehensive monitoring and alerting functionality of SystemCare will ensure your IT network is proactively monitored 24 hours a day.

SystemCare, together with TSG’s Managed Services’ Options will help your business to protect itself against threats to your business critical data, one of your most valuable assets.

The reporting tools of SystemCare will actively monitor and report on network events which may threaten the reliability of your IT system.

SystemCare provides significant functionality to help to ensure your business critical software applications are always available.

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