Tearing Down the iPad 2

The iPad 2 is not old enough to be regarded as just a good tablet. However, when it was launched, it was the best in the tablet market since at that time it had the latest technology. However, the sites that help in the provision of information on the technology fix for iPad gave it a rating of around 4-5 out of 10. Still, those of you who have the iPad 2 can go for this post as I am going to explain how you can tear the device down and remove any technical problems. This will only take up some time. If you are not confident enough if you would be able to do it, or put it back together as is, and it will function again, do not go for it.

1.  You can only use the Phillip screws for the tear down. Do not try any other screws.

2.  The touch screen cum tablet cum phone has a secure battery, which is said to be removable.

3.  The model number can be seen on the back plate over the motherboard as A1395. It can be compared to the model number A1219 for the originally drawn iPad in the market at the first time when the Apple Company launched the first version of the iPad.

4.  The tear down can show you that this one has the 412 MB RAM.

5.  The iPad has a good symmetry and stable design.

6.  It requires a heat gun so that you can remove the panel from the front side.

7.  Apple has used a good glue material to stick it on instead to sue any welding or clips to hold the front panel with the body.

8.  The battery is now removable once you remove the front panel. It is 3.8 volts, Li-Ion Polymer, with 25 watt-hours battery.

9.  The original iPad had lesser battery time, but this one has up to 10 hours at a max.

10.   The processor in the iPad 2 is 1GHz A5. It is a make from Toshiba NAND flash.

11.  Apple has used the technology of Broadcam for touch controlling. It is also used for the functionality of Wi-Fi-/FM tuner for radio and the Bluetooth.

12. The gyroscope of the device is labeled as AGD8 2103.

13. The LCD is 2.4 mm in thickness, and the glass panel for the LCD is 62 mm in thickness. The original iPad had the LCD thickness of 3.2 mm with 0.85 glass panel thickness.

So now, you know how to tear it down so that if you need to replace the glass panel, the battery or the LCD, you can easily do it. With the information reversed, you can put back the iPad 2 as well, and you can get help in this matter from an expert too. However it is better that if you want to prevent this process, then keep the iPad 2 safe in the many iPad 2 cases and covers so that this does not happen and nothing genuine has to be replaced.


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