Find Bars Using Foursquare

Are you always on the lookout for new and exciting bars to visit? If so, you should check out Foursquare. You can use Foursquare for many things, including finding the types of bars that are perfect for you and your friends.

You may already recognize Foursquare as the app that allows users to check in at restaurants, bars, stores and various other establishments when they visit them. Foursquare users' friends can see where they check in and what they thought of the places that they visit. This can be a great way for your friends to come hang out with you if they are in the area, but you can also use this app to find recommendations for bars in your area.

By simply logging into your Foursquare account on your phone, you can view recommendations for places that you may like by tapping on the Explore button. Foursquare examines the places that you've checked in at, the places your friends have visited and the activity of other people using Foursquare who tend to frequent similar locations as you to determine your recommendations. In addition to user activity, the Explore function takes into account what time it is when you ask for recommendations so that it does not recommend a nightclub to you at 10 am or a bakery at 10 pm.

You can use the Explore function to find general recommendations for places to go in your area at any given time, or you can use the Explore function to search for specific locations, such as bars. You can simply type in "bar", or you can type in a more specialized search, such as "cocktails", "beer", "mojito" or "house wine".

Foursquare is an excellent app to take advantage of to find exciting bars to visit while you are out of town or to find new hangouts in your neighborhood. While there are other apps and websites to find reviews and recommendations for places to visit wherever you are, none compare to the personal recommendations that Foursquare provides based on your preferences, your friends' preferences and other local users who shop and hang out at many of the same places that you frequent.

One of the best things about Foursquare is that it is completely free for users, and it helps businesses generate business. If you find a bar that you really like, you should do the business a favor and check in on Foursquare the next time you visit it so that your friends may be encouraged to do the same.

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