Roomba Vacuum Makers Celebrate Ten Years of Success

Celebrating ten years of success, iRobot Roomba vacuum makers are probably relieved that they didn’t listen to sceptics who said their ‘robot floor cleaner’ concept wouldn’t go down well with the average home maker. Six million sales later, the military-turned-domestic robotics company have now announced their acquisition of Evolution Robotics, the manufacturer of Mint cleaning robots - specialising in hardwood floors.

Nothing but success in store for iRobot corp and its latest acquisition

A venture that is costing the Roomba vacuum creators $74 million dollars, the large purchase has forced the company to use a portion of its cash reserves. Despite the setback, the chairman of iRobot corp, Colin Angle, has said that Evolution’s products will “expand our automated floor care offerings.” Giving a long list of integrational technological benefits, Angle also noted that robotic vacuum cleaners are one of the fastest growing consumer products in the world currently. 
So much for the “people not accepting robots in their home” theory! It’s been exactly a decade since the Roomba vacuum slid off the production shelves in 2002 and into the homes of millions of people. In its sixth generation, the floor cleaning robot can boast a 704 mile coverage span in its average lifespan. That’s 240,000 square feet and around about 300 pounds of dirt. Not impressed? Collectively, these nifty cleaners have managed to suck up more than 1 million tons of dirt since they went into circulation.
Besides their solid reputation as reliable floor cleaners, these hands-off vacuums continue to feature in home-made videos where they are also enjoyed by pets and small children. It isn’t hard to see why! Seen as small hovercrafts by tots and small creatures alike, Roomba vacuums are pretty hardy when it comes to giving the occasional joy ride to the young and mischievous. There have even been reports of snakes and mice tangling with this eclectic piece of cleaning equipment.

Roomba Vacuum Celebrates Birthday in Style

The best part about iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaner is that it has made the presence of robots in the home a commonplace occurrence. Just like CD players, laser beams, and now tablet computers, the idea of high-tech automated cleaning devices have finally been accepted by global communities. About to receive recognition for being one of the most successful home robots at the Robot Hall of Fame ceremony, the Roomba vacuum, as well as its manufacturer iRobot corp, is definitely celebrating its tenth birthday in style.

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