Felix Baumgartner Will Attempt Supersonic Space Jump Today

Felix will stat of with a balloon flight which will take him to 120,000 feet and then make a free fall jump back to earth, he is expected to travel at around 690 miles per hour or 1,110 kilometers per hour.

Earlier today Felix Baumgartner would attempt a Supersonic Space Jump from 120,000 feet above the earth, he was due to head off in his three hour balloon rider a few hours ago, although the jump has now been delayed for a couple of hours.

The Red Bull Stratos team and Felix are still hoping to make the jump today, if the weather improves, and at the time of writing this article they are expecting to take off at around 17.30GMT (18.30 BST).

The flight in the balloon is expected to take around three hours to reach the 120,000 feet, he will then make the jump at around 2pm GMT (3pm BST), you can watch the jump live at the live stream below or on YouTube.

If the jump goes ahead today, then Felix will ascend to 120,000 feet in his balloon, this will take a few hours and he will then jump back to earth, which is expected to take around 10 minutes, he will be traveling at speeds up to 1,110 kilometers per hour.

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