5 Gadgets That Will Turn Your Car Into Something James Bond Would Be Proud To Drive

Ever since we were young kinds there was something about James Bond that got us excited. Some might say it was his adventurous lifestyle, his way with the ladies, or the way he fought his way out of danger. For others it was always the car. James Bond always had the greatest cars you could ever hope for. The car scenes in the movies were up there with the best of them.
But it wasn't just that the cars were always beautiful, or that they were fast enough to get away from the bad guys. It was the gadgets that were built into them. Without the gadgets the movies might not have been as big as they were. I'm sure you remember what your favorite ones are and sadly they might not be available for commercial vehicles, but there's some cool gadgets around these days that you might like to have in your car.

A Flamethrower
This one might be technically illegal in the United States, but fly down to South Africa and you will see some in use if you walk about at night in a rough area. Carjacking is a huge problem in some parts of the country. If someone stops at traffic lights there's a chance they could be attacked. So to solve this problem some people have flamethrowers built into each wheel.

iPad Car Mount
All the cars you see that can help save the world always have some kind of computer terminal in them. You can have one of those as well by using a car mount to secure your iPad to the front of your car. You won't be able to locate the missiles or ejector seat, but you will be able to watch a movie when you're sat in a never ending traffic jam.

Satellite Navigation System
Bond wouldn't have been impressed with these a few years ago. They were pretty cool, but nothing to take your breathe away. It seems that as the years progress they just keep getting better and better. In a hundred years we'll probably just be watching movies on our iPad as the car drives by itself with instructions from the satellite navigation system.

A parking assistant for tight spots
When Bond was speeding down the road at a hundred miles per hour I'm sure he wouldn't need anyone helping him to park, but being a nice English gentleman he'd sure be impressed if you showed him what your car can do. No longer do you need anyone to help you into the tight spots because your car will beep when you get close to anything. You can even have a camera fitted at the back of the car.

See in the dark
James Bond wouldn't mind the ability to see in the dark. It always helps sneaking up on those enemies when they have no idea you're coming. With specially mounted infrared cameras you will also have the power to see in the dark, but instead of sneaking up on enemies you'll be able to save life's when you're driving down dark streets.

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