The Most Expensive Gadgets in The World

We all know buying the latest gadgets can be expensive but some of those technological wonders are more expensive than others. Let’s take a look at some of the gadgets that have the highest price tags in the world.

Yalos Diamond LCD Television - $130,000
If you think those 3D models at your local electronics store are expensive, wait until you see this model. The 40 inch television is fairly standard in most respects it has a 1200:1 contrast ratio as well as high definition playback in 1080i and 720p. So why would someone pay $130,000 for this ordinary television? Well, the price is actually covering the costs of the white gold surrounding the screen along with the 160 diamonds that give it a little something extra.

Diamond iPad - just under $20,000
In the tablet market, iPads are already one of the most expensive and popular options out there but by adding a bit of bling that price tag can soar. Now keep in mind this was the original iPad and not the newer version so you might be able to get a discount on this device with a bevel made up of more than 11 carats worth of diamonds. The limited version was created by Mervis Diamonds and was available by special order only.

La Sphere Coaxial Speakers - $140,000
If you're going to spend six figures on a gadget, it might as well be worth the extra cash. These speakers created by French company Cabasse have an unusual round design. Each speaker resembles an eyeball more than a speaker. However, the design is intended to provide superior sound quality. A review in Stereophile in 2008 suggests they aren't lying about the sound improvements. For the price you get two speakers, installation, and some other fancy technology that makes them sound fabulous in your home.

Vertu Signature Cobra Mobile Phone - $310,000
This is one cell phone you don't want to accidentally drop in a sink full of water or leave behind in a cab. The phone isn't even a smartphone! However, the model is decked out with jewels galore, including two diamonds, two emeralds, and more than 400 rubies. There's no word on how well the phone works but it definitely has an interesting look.

Sony PS3 Supreme - $324,000
Nintendo Wii Supreme - $486,000
Both of these game systems are available in impressive models at expensive price tags so those with money don't have to play on the same consoles as the rest of the masses. What sets these apart? Well, nothing inside the systems: those are pretty much the same as what you can buy in any store. However, the casing of both is made from real 22 carat gold: 1,600 grams worth for the PS3 and 2,500 grams worth for the Wii. The buttons on the Wii are also made of diamonds while the PS3 has a couple of diamonds embedded in the gold casing.
As you can see from these examples, those off-the-shelf electronics aren’t really that expensive after all.

Author Bio:
This was a guest post by Ying from RNA automation-providers of vision inspection systems and bowl feeders for automated handling of manufactured products.

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