Technology from the Gym that You Can Use at Home

It is becoming increasingly common for people to try and transfer the results from the gym to a home workout regime. Obviously one of the key components of this transfer is getting the tools and equipment that we use in the gym into our homes. However, a lot of people fail to utilise the huge array of technology based aids to exercise such as apps and gadgets.
Below I'm going to run through some of the technology that you should be using at home to help you get fit.

iMapMyFitness - Free
This app for the iPhone and iPad is a handy little app for those wanting to track their progress outdoors. When exercising it always important to keep track of your performances week to week and this app helps you to do that with its real-time tracking and interactive map features you'll always know where you've seen. Another interesting feature is the 'voice feedback' function which gives you vocal encouragement and information to help push you further and faster.

Personal Running Trainer - Free but additional plans will cost
I've included this one on the list because although its way of tracking your runs is by no means unique its training programmes are. Whatever your goal of running is, this app provides you with actual training programmes so for the charity 5k you are running in a month right up to marathon distances there is a plan for you.

Fitness Builder - Free
One of the pricier fitness apps on the market iPump offer s a wide range of features that will help you to track and meet your targets. The app helps you to create a workout tailored for your needs from over 1000 exercises. Additionally it takes where you're exercising, home or gym etc, and your goals in to account to ensure that your plan is achievable. I was also a fan of the video demonstrations of each exercise to help you to improve your technique.

Zeo Sleep Manager - $150 (£92)
A commonly overlooked aspect o staying fit and healthy is a good night's sleep and seeing as most of us sleep at home the Zeo Sleep Manager makes an appearance on this list. The Zeo analyses how you sleep and then offers ideas to improve the quality of your sleep to make sure that you wake up refreshed. It is also one of the most considerate alarm clocks you'll find because its SmartWake Alarm feature wakes you up at the least distressing time in your sleep cycle. If youre still having trouble sleeping then try the coaching programme that is included which gives you personalised advice to get a better sleep.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT - $400 (£246) (ouch I know)
An expensive addition to this list by a country mile the Forerunner is a market leader in the world of fitness gadgets. This watch can grab data, and upload it to your computer wirelessly, from your run, your bike or even your swim. Yep you heard me this little beauty even works in water to help you track your swim progress (tracks stroke count, laps and stroke efficiency) which is handy for obvious reasons. The inbuilt GPS not only provides you with a brilliant tracking system but also provides you with performance alerts to let you know how you're doing. Like a personal trainer on your arm (who needs the gym?), totally awesome.

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