Gadgets which James Bond would be Proud to Play with

With a new James Bond film on the horizon, fantastical gadgets, good-looking women and fast cars will be at the forefront of many cinema-going men’s minds over the coming weeks. No change there then, it would seem. But while the mind-boggling inventions which Q has armed 007 with over the years have often seemed merely the stuff of Hollywood imaginations, it seems the real world is starting to catch up. In fact, anyone with the bank balance can bag some real life wizardry which would surely even make Bond green with envy. 

Here are some of the most exciting gadgets you can pick up to help you act out your own special agent-style adventures:

iPhone-controlled car

Ok, it’s not quite a life-sized car like the BMW 750i which Pierce Brosnan’s Bond steered with his mobile phone in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. The Buggy by iKon is a toy car which can be controlled using infa-red signals sent from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Spy Master mini-submarine

Surviving underwater has been something of a recurring theme for Bond, whether it’s his cigar-sized breathing apparatus, slightly daft looking crocodile disguised submarine or Lotus Esprit which can successfully negotiate the seabed. Surely even Bond would appreciate the UK-made Spy Master mini-sub which allows one person to travel up to 40ft underwater for more than an hour without having to don scuba gear.

Pebble - the smartphone-powered watch

One of the biggest hits on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, Pebble is described as the E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android and harnesses much of the incredible technology available through your Smartphone using just a subtle wristwatch. Bond has always been a big fan of using his watches in various guises to do all sorts of wild and wonderful things, from communicating with his colleagues to setting off explosions. The Pebble can help you with plenty of Bond-esque tasks, the explosions aside, and other cool things such as controlling your music, tracking your progress with GPS technology and even keeping you in touch with your friends (or fellow spies) through Twitter and Facebook.

Parrot Ar.Drone Quadricopter

We all know boys’ toys make great gifts for men, no matter what their age, and this latest remote controlled flying toy from Parrot is sure to be flying off the shelves come Christmas time. Combining the excitement of remote controlled flight, with striking good looks and spy-esque filming capabilities, as well as iPad and iPhone compatibility, it is up there with the ultimate big kid’s playthings. You can control it over Wi-Fi or with your smartphone or tablet, perform mid-air stunts and capture High Definition videos and view live footage as it hovers through the air. Just remember you’re not James Bond, and spying on your neighbours may get you into trouble. It’s still great fun though.

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