Dubai - The City of Solar

There are many cities that are big on solar energy from New York all the way to Dezhou in China. Each city has a different stance when it comes to solar energy, some are more positive than others. One such city that has a really positive attitude towards solar energy is Dubai, which is situated in the United Arab Emirates.

Many buildings in Dubai have incorporated the use of solar panels into their design work. They haven’t just created buildings that can produce enough renewable energy to sustain themselves, but have made aesthetically pleasing buildings at the same time.
The location of Dubai makes it the perfect place for using solar energy as it is home to a very hot climate with temperatures often well above 30 degrees celsius and has very little rainfall.
Here are some of the best buildings and building proposals in Dubai: the city of solar.

The Almeisan Tower

This tower really is a unique structure but unfortunately is still only a concept of the architect Robert Ferry.
It is a gigantic 165 meter tower containing a passive cooling system that would generate 600 kW of clean energy. This system is argued to be nearly “triple zero”, which means that it  would produce zero emissions, have zero energy requirements and would produce zero waste. If it could achieve that, it really would be impressive.
The power that would be generated from the sun’s rays being focused onto a central receiver using 224 heliostats, would not only be enough for itself but there would also be enough left to power the rest of Za’abeel park where it would be constructed.

The Vertical Village

This place is not just a concept and has actually been constructed. Designed by the architects at Graft lab this building really is one of a kind. It looks like it has been brought back from the future but at the same time fits in with its surroundings spectacularly.
The most amazing thing has got to be that each building is self shading and the solar panels positioned on the south sides of the buildings have the ability to position themselves towards the sun. This is great because it means that the solar panels can absorb the maximum amount of the sun's energy and convert it all into electricity meaning that it is super efficient.

10 MW Tower

Out of all the proposed eco friendly buildings to be constructed in Dubai this has got to be the one that is most likely to be made into a reality.
The design for this building came from Robert Ferry, the same man who designed the Almeisan Tower. If built, this tower would produce energy by three different methods. By wind turbine , solar armature and solar draft tower. The amount of energy that it would produce would be over 10 times the amount needed to support itself.
A really interesting fact about this tower is that it would be able to neutralize its impact on the environment in under twenty years. No other skyscraper has ever done this. Let’s hope that it does get given the go ahead as this would lead the way for a new method of making more environmentally friendly buildings.

Author Bio:
This is a guest post by Andras Deak, an occasional guest blogger and a full-time communication specialist. Currently he works for Eco-Kinetics, an innovative company installing the best solar panels for homes. Andras believes that switching to alternative energy resources is the only way of future. 
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