Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

People use cigarettes for a whole host of reasons, for pleasure, stress relief or merely as a social aid. Whatever, the reason people seem to forget that cigarettes pose a threat to human health, they are no better than drugs or alcohol for their effects on the body. There are so many reasons for quitting smoking but a lot of people find it hard, electronic cigarettes are a great way to cut down but they still allow you to 'smoke'. 

One of the main benefits of using an electronic cigarette is that they don't hold any of the tar or chemicals that traditional cigarettes contain. Tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, all of which are harmful to humans, including carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Electronic cigarettes contain none of these other than nicotine, which make them a realistic substitute for tobacco. 

Using an electronic cigarette could actually make you smoke less. If you are smoking a normal cigarette, you have paid a lot of money for them so you compelled to smoke it all. The electronic cigarette is great as you can take a few drags and put it away again, it won't burn away and there's just as much flavour etc. when you come back to it. 

These great cigarette substitutes produce no smoke; this means that they not only protect you from harmful chemicals but they also protect your loved ones from breathing in second hand smoke. Although the electronic cigarette doesn't produce smoke it does give off water vapour; this makes it feel real to the smokers but doesn't leave any smells or discolouration and it's no harm to them or anyone around. 

With the electronic cigarettes you can smoke anywhere you like, you no longer have to abide by smoking laws and company policies, you could smoke it at your desk, in the pub, even in a restaurant. As no smoke or smell is released, with the electronic cigarette, smoking is no longer off limits anywhere, making it much more convenient. 

And if this list of benefits wasn't enough then as a result of smoking an electronic cigarette you will have better health from breathing in nothing but water vapour. There's no risk of fire - electronic cigarettes are non-flammable and there's no longer a need for matches or lighters so there's no risk there either. You no longer require smelly ash trays to be lying about the house instead you can just have your electronic cigarette resting on a table or in your pocket. 

And if all that still isn't enough you could also save a whole lot of money. The average packet of cigarettes costs around six to seven pounds; one electronic cigarette cartridge is equivalent to 40 tobacco cigarettes and costs just over £8 for five. This is a saving of over £50. 

Author Bio:
The author of this article is health professional Darren Wright.
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