All You Need to Know About the Incredible TshirtOS

If you haven’t heard of the incredible new innovation that is the tshirtOS, where have you been? Tech sites and forums are whipping their users up into a real frenzy over this technological innovation, which could change the way we use our phones, access the Internet and even the way we wear our clothes, all in one fell swoop.

So, what is the tshirtOS?

To put it simply, the tshirtOS is a brand new high-tech T-shirt which has a built-in flexible display. It was developed as part of a collaboration between London-based wearable technology and fashion company CuteCircuit and whiskey maker Ballantine’s.
The tshirtOS boasts many impressive features, such as an in-built camera billed as the smallest in the world, a pair of headphone sockets, Bluetooth, over 1000 RGB LEDs and a USB port. It also comes with an accelerometer, so that it will be able to tell if you’re sitting or standing or lying down.
It all works via an iPhone app and a microprocessor built into the fabric of the T-shirt itself. It has been described as “the world's first wearable, sharable, programmable t-shirt”.

What can the tshirtOS do?

The question should really be - what can’t the tshirtOS do? It allows users to:
• Use the tshirtOS to talk to their phones, in order to share Twitter updates and Facebook posts 
• Play songs and music videos
• Display social media messages
• Take photographs and utilise Instagram
• Make use of Google Translate
• Fully personalise the display of the tshirtOS

What do its creators say about the tshirtOS?

Peter Moore, the global director of Ballantine’s, has this to say about the significance of the tshirtOS:
“The T-shirt is the original canvas of self-expression. It was the Facebook status before there was a Facebook status,"
"Whether you wore the Smiley Face, Che Guevara or Frankie Says Relax, your favourite T-shirt tells the world something about you. Ballantine’s has taken that thought and made it bigger.”

When can I buy one?

Unfortunately, it is likely to be a good few years before you can buy a tshirtOS in the shops. It’s in the prototype stage at the moment, and there has been no word yet about a possible release date.

Author Bio:
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