10 Cool Toys for Your Office

Office gadgets and toys add a fun dimension to an ordinary office. It is a way not only to create a healthy distraction, but it’s also a way to invite people into a welcoming office. Toys can also serve as a break when things get stressful. Fill your office with things beyond a stress ball, to entertain you and clients who come and go all day long.

Marshmallow Blaster

A marshmallow blaster is a gun that you fill with marshmallows and shoot at targets. Small marshmallows are used in this contraption that you can find at any toy store. If you are having a bad day, you can use this as stress relief to shoot at a wall or for target practice. Get two and have a shoot-off with your friends at work for a fun break. The best part is you can shoot at each other without anyone getting hurt. Oh and of course, you have a nice sugary treat as well.

Bucky Balls

Instead of getting a generic paper weight, use a set of Bucky Balls to keep your papers organized and safe on your desk. In your free time, create structures with these magnetic balls. You may find people coming into your office just to see if they can create a better structure than you. You can adjust the magnets at any time to create different sculptures to fit your mood.

iPhone Projector

Often times your iPhone is your lifeline. It holds all the information that you need when meeting with clients, it's entertainment on break. It keeps your organized and on schedule. An iPhone projector allows you to project anything from your phone to a blank wall or screen. It's perfect not only for meetings, but to watch YouTube or Netflix videos while taking a breather. If you want to show your photos from a recent vacation, you can even create a slideshow on the spot to share with friends.

Sandscape Moving Sand Art

Replace ordinary family photos in your office with something a bit different. Moving sand art is not only fun to create, but it's entrancing to watch as well. The unit comes in various sizes, so you can choose the perfect one for your desk. It’s the perfect gift for anyone in the office that moonlights as an artist as well.

Magic Eight Ball

Do you hate making tough decisions? Keep a Magic Eight Ball in your desk drawer to consult when you just don't have an answer. Sure, it's not the most accurate form of decision-making, but it may help you lean in the right direction.

Pin Art

Place a large pin art on your desk and watch as everyone who stops in your office puts their hand on it. In no time you will be seeing what shapes it makes with different objects lying around your office. There's a relaxing sensation to playing with pin art as well, so keep it on hand during stressful phone calls.

Domino Bots

Domino Bots have little purpose other than a game to play with co-workers in downtime, but they also make great decorations. Different designs are available that showcase "bots" from different industry. It's more humorous than anything because you and friends may relate to the message conveyed on the bots.

Padtab iPad Wall Mount

Much like an iPhone projector, an iPad wall mount allows you to share information from your tablet with a group of people. Watch TV in your office or share documents with this new gadget.

Finger Drums

Channel your inner rockstar when you are taking a break from answering calls with finger drums. Record your songs and play them with friends or start a finger band with your co-workers. It beats the annoyance of tapping your pen like drumsticks on your desktop.


Wiis may not be the newest system, but they are still the perfect toy for an office. This video game system provides many options for team games such as bowling, boxing and baseball. Hook it up to a TV or monitor and start a friendly game with your co-workers. At office parties this may even be a way to bond with co-workers. Suggest having a tournament with a prize to create some friendly morale.

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