What Are The Benefits Of Switching To LED Lights?

Have you ever stopped to think of the benefit of having LED light bulbs?
No? Well, now’s the time to start thinking.
While many consumers are deterred from investing in LED light bulbs because of their initial cost – which is typically six times more than standard halogen bulbs – the energy saving techniques that LED lights produce mean that, in the long-term, you will make a significant saving.

LEDs save you energy because they use a different type of technology to regular halogen light bulbs. Installed with light-emitting diodes, LEDs allow a steady flow of electricity to flow in just one direction. As the electricity flows through, the light-emitting diode produces an ample amount of light.

To demonstrate a specific example of the energy saving you can make, replacing a 35W halogen bulb with an LED could use as little as just 4W while producing the same amount of light. While some models of LED lights had initially been criticised for projecting a cold blue output, newer versions are credited with being yellow and warm – matching the type of lighting that halogens produce.

These types of lighting solutions are readily available from specialist suppliers, retail chains and some online stores. While they can cost as much as £25 each, the savings you make on your electricity bill will mean that you will save hundreds of pounds a year if you switch all your lighting requirements to LED bulbs. Furthermore, the longevity of LED lights is also much more favourable than that of their halogen counterpart – lasting up to an incredible 50,000 hours while emitting very little energy. Compare that with the average life of a standard light bulb at 5,000 hours and you can immediately acknowledge the power of LED lighting.

The technical development manager at the Energy Saving Trust, James Russell, 
claims that customers must be prepared to pay the higher initial costs in order to see the ultimate cost saving benefit further down the line. Adding that, customers will also be left without the hassle of constantly replacing light bulbs.
So, in summary, LEDs will save you hundreds of pounds in the long-run, last up to five times longer than halogen bulbs, produce a warm, bright and yellow light while being durable and hard-wearing.
Not convinced by LEDs yet? Why not use an online energy saving calculator that will price up the total amount of cash that you’ll make by converting from halogen bulbs to LED equivalents.

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