Tips to Overcome Stress at Work

In today's world, with the exception a few industries, most of us do not have to worry too much about our physical safety on the job. It seems that in today's world it's our energy that needs the most protection. Although many people don't believe it's possible being around negative people at work all day can be very exhausting.
Human beings have an energy and that energy is impacted everyday and in every way by everything we come in contact with including our thoughts and the thoughts of others. When we enter crowded environments such as offices, shopping malls and grocery stores there are a myriad of opportunities to be attacked by unhealthy forces.

Call In A Higher Power

Depending on your belief system you can ask Archangel Michael, Buddah or Jesus to help keep you safe throughout the day. If you have no belief in a Higher Power then you can know that the positive is stronger than darkness. Although, the dark side is very strong, with faith and perseverance the Light always endures.

Using Your Breath
As you ask a Higher Power for protection breath deeply and hold the intent in your mind for a moment or two as you hold your breath. This does not have to be a big deal. You can take a few seconds at your desk to refocus yourself this way.
Many people find holding a small crystal in their hand while refocusing helps to intensify the level of protection the receive. Science has been able to measure the energy field of crystals. Not only do they have an energy field of their own, they can absorb or deflect negative types of energy as well. You can carry a small crystal in your pocket, in your sock or as a form of jewelry.

Burning Candles and Incense
This is obviously not something you would want to do at work, but lighting a candle at home and burning incense can help to clear out negative energy. Sage is especially good at removing negativity in a space. Doing some stretching or yoga moves while the incense and candles are burning can help to move the negative energy through your body.
Breath deeply and slowly as you do this while creating a space in your mind for stillness to enter. Open the windows while you do this to circulate the air and take a soothing bath afterward if you feel like it.

Spray Mists
Go shopping online or in your local metaphysical gift shop or health food store. What you are looking for are any type of spray mist that's beneficial in clearing out negative energy. Usually a spray with some flower essences in the base is a wonderful choice.

Daily Clearing
Probably the most important thing to remember about all of the tips is to use them frequently. Daily in fact. You are of no real use to those at the job and can be even less energetic at home. Protect yourself so you don't end the day exhausted and feeling drained. In the end, you'll be much more productive and happy at work and your family will thank you too.

Dominic,  expert from England.
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