Outdoor Advertising at its Best

Some of the most memorable advertisements ever, are at the side of the road on a billboard. Billboards act in a way that draws your eye towards the advert. If you have ever kicked yourself for not knowing exactly what the billboard message was when you drove past, then you know what I mean. There are many times when I have told myself that I am definitely going to be ready for the ad when I drive past it next. This is a sure sign of effective advertising. When a customer is thinking about the advert after they have driven past, half of the advert’s work is already complete.

Thought Provocation Increases Awareness

Billboard advertising is different from other forms of advertising because it has seconds to grab attention. In terms of advertising where A.I.D.A. (attention, interest, desire and action) is used, the Billboard or any form of outdoor advertising has to be perfect. A lot of the time, the perfect combination is more than just the correct advert design; it has to be in the correct location. A good example is a mobile billboard parked at a layby on a busy road at rush hour. This will attract many customers for a garage offering MOTs, tyres or car services, because is in prime real estate for customers.

Time, Location and Opportunity

Not all situations are as perfect as the example above, but the advantage of using a billboard, telephone box or even vehicle decals, is that they are permanently on. A magazine is rarely looked at twice, a radio or TV commercial is a matter of seconds, but your outdoor advertisement is permanently displayed. They can also be displayed in perfect locations for your target audience. A phone box advertisement for mobile phone contracts is a great way to convert people from pay as you go to contracted mobile phones.

Geographical Targeting Customers

Anyone taking the tube in London will see advertisements for the theatres in the city. Tube stations are super-high traffic locations for people who are within commutable distance to the plays advertised. Bus stops are another way of reaching people in the city, but they are also a good way of creating brand awareness at a national level. Buses (and cars) stop at bus stops and when the traffic is dense, drivers and passengers eyes are pulled to these advertisements. This is why the main picture is often bright or controversial.

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