The Top 5 Best Gaming Devices

Since we moved into the next generation of gaming, there have been a lot of gaming devices out in the market. All of them offer a good package, but how do you know which of them are the best? Other devices may offer gaming features, but owning a gaming device itself is a good choice because of the special gaming experience, which is different from that which you get in other gadgets. With laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones, you can actually engage in games, but special gaming consoles offer a better gaming experience.

To help you decide on the best gaming device, it is best to check gaming device reviews that compare various gaming consoles. Here are the top 5 gaming devices that have been reviewed by various blogs:

1. Sony PSP 3000

Sony PSP is still the most loved gaming gadget because you get to enjoy the Sony gaming experience on the go. With the current upgrades of PSP, owners of older versions just can’t resist upgrading their gaming device considering that it is cheaper than others.

2. Sony Play Station 3

Sony has already released its 3rd version of Play Station and users have been giving nothing but positive feedback regarding the device. The Sony Play Station 3 slim has an energy-saving operation and it also has built-in Blu-ray capability for a better multimedia experience. Furthermore, PS3 comes with a lower price tag of $250 to $290, which gives you an excellent package for a cheap price.

3. Nintendo 3Ds

The Nintendo 3Ds is the latest version of the Nintendo Gameboy. From its previous counterpart, which is Nintendo Gameboy SP, the Nintendo 3Ds now offers a glasses-free 3D gaming experience. So even without your 3D glasses, you get to enjoy 3D gaming wherever you are.

4. Microsoft Xbox 360 S

The Xbox gaming console by Microsoft has also become popular over the years. The older Xbox 360 gave a lot of concerns for players; however, the new Xbox 360 S has already addressed these issues, for a better gaming experience.

5. Nintendo Wii Mario Kart Wii Pack

The Nintendo Wii is still best for families who want casual games similar to the fun and enjoyment that the out-dated Nintendo family computer gave. With its very affordable price of $194 to $370, you get good value for your money. Although the Nintendo Wii seems to be out-dated very fast, it still provides casual games that can be enjoyed, despite the rise of many gaming consoles.

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Choosing among these top 5 gaming consoles, you can make a better selection for your next purchase compared to looking into all the gaming gadgets available in the market. These 5 all received very good or excellent ratings, so you only have to choose, which one suits your needs and lifestyle best. If you want an on-the-go gaming experience, you can choose between Sony PSP and Nintendo 3Ds, whereas if you want more a powerful gaming devices, you can choose among the remaining three gadgets.

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