How to Plan a Music Event

There has never been a better time to plan a music event. The number of festivals and gigs are growing all the time across the UK, Europe and the World, and venues of all shapes and sizes are using their available space to enable local and nationwide talent to put their skills on show for appreciative audiences.

Finding the venue
Most venues that cater for music events are easy to reach and in most cases, very approachable and up for putting on gigs and events. Contacting the venue face-to-face is always good. Introducing yourself to the owner and handing them a CD or contact card with your website on it, to show that you are a serious musician/organiser and not just some guy who can only play ‘Wonderwall’ on an acoustic guitar.

These venues are putting their faith in you, so it’s important to show them why they should. Another way to contact the venue is via their website, email or social media. You can use your own website or YouTube links as a way of enticing the venue to taking a chance on your band.

Spreading the word
Once you have secured your venue and you know how many people you can invite to the event, it’s time to spread the word. The best way to do this is by updating your website and using social media to create buzz for the event. Creating a Facebook event page with invites is a great way to get your event out there. It also gives you the chance to showcase your work with photos and videos to entice more people to come to your gigs. Twitter can also be used to post updates with links to the ticket pages or event pages will be very useful in maximising the number of guests at the gig.

Generating Revenue
A great way of generating revenue for the music event is to sell silicone wristbands for each person. These can be kept as a cool souvenir of your time at the event, but they are also a great way of ensuring that the crowd is kept under control. If every attendee has a silicone wristband, they can come and go from the venue without any issue and the venue and the organiser can know how many people are at the gig and control numbers. 

Then you can concentrate on what is really important: Enjoying the show!

About the Author:
Daley works alongside Top Wristbands who supply silicone wristbands for music events and club nigths. She enjoys all aspects of event planning, expecially within the music industry! 

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